Looking for more action? Assault Bots is an online arena game where you drive tanks and annihilate other players. HOUSE REAL BIG. CARS REAL BIG. BELLY REAL BIG. EVERYTHING REAL BIG. The first Project CARS provided another standout simulation racing franchise that could stand toe to toe with the sub-genrersquo;s best. The gamersquo;s huge array of cars and courses were top-notch, plus the excellent physics engine and user-friendly driver aids did a lot to add to its strong performance. We8217;ll go over a few car games that come with online modes, since this is one of the most sought for feature not only for this genre, but for almost any game genre. Some old problems persist, and a handful of new ones crop up in what’s still an occasionally lumpy package, but none of that can hold back this year’s F1 game as being the best yet. An all-new story mode, riffing heavily off the overstated drama of Netflix’s Drive to Survive, works surprisingly well, and it’s fun multiplayer matched by decent next-gen versions and a few welcome nips and tucks to the existing racing. The AI puts up a decent fight, there’s a whole season’s worth of racing and it all looks impressively authentic – and given we’re enjoying a season for the ages in F1 right now, it’s fitting that the official game is up there with Geoff Crammond’s 90s efforts in being some of the best takes on the sport to date.