Sports betting is one of the industries that is gaining momentum nowadays. Sports betting application is an online fantasy sports platform where bettors place bets on their desired sports match. The users can participate in the contest by paying a certain amount of fiat currencies. After that, they can form a fantasy team. With that team, they can participate in the match. Based on the performance of the players in the real matches, the points will be distributed. 

The crypto-integrated sports betting software works the same as sports betting applications. The major difference between those two was crypto-based betting software users can use cryptocurrencies instead of paying in fiat currencies. It accepts all kinds of cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum, or any altcoins. In 2021, there is great hype for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Every startup and entrepreneur, who wants to start their sports betting app can prefer crypto-integrated betting software. Because they are safe, and one can make bets easily through any digital coin. The market of cryptocurrency is volatile. So the value of the currency will go high often. 

In this article, let me explain the reason and benefits of crypto-integrated sports betting software. And how to start your sports betting business that integrates with cryptocurrencies? Now let’s begin with the reason to invest in such sports betting software. 

Why invest in a Cryptocurrency Integration Sports Betting app?

Crypto-based software ensures a trustworthy investment for great ROI. There are many other reasons to invest in such software. Don’t worry, here are the top reasons that can help you to get rid of all those confusions and be clear about the reason to invest. 

  • Real-Time Statistics and Scores- It provides analytics about various sports, results, and players. And it shows the scores of the live matches. So that the players can view their progress while betting.


  • Voice-enabled betting- Voice-enabled betting is incorporated in Crypto-integrated Sports Betting Software to enhance the user experience.


  • Security- It is very robust and safe for users. For hackers, it is nearly impossible to break into the system and retrieve private information about the players.


  • Risk Management System- It has integrated advanced risk management features in sports betting software to lessen the risks and increase the performance of the software.


  • Smooth User Interface- It provides the user with software that they engage in for many hours. It is due to its excellent and user-friendly interface.


  • Retail Solution- It becomes convenient for the bet-shop owners to control and govern all betting activities efficiently. It is because of the features like bet slip printing, ticket generator, tracker, and bet cast. 

The Stages are Involved In Cryptocurrency Integrated Sports Betting Software Development Process? 

It takes immense time and effort to conduct market research on choosing a crypto-based sports betting application. That is why there are stages that are involved in the process of software process. 

Concept Documentation:

First of all, the concept of the software has to be thoroughly understood. Based on the understanding of the concept, the foundation of the software will be strong. 

Designing of the Betting Software:

The next process is that one has to concentrate on the design of the betting software. To attract customers, one can use a solid user interface. 

Software Development:

One has to be careful before implementing the components of sports betting software. And they have to develop software with advanced and emerging technologies.

Software Testing:

The testing process is the most crucial stage in the development process. It ensures that the proposed design meets the fundamental idea of the business goals.

Software Launching:

Now the software is ready to be launched. In this process, almost all the users will start using the software. The success of the software is based on the feedback of the users. 

Support and Maintenance:

The development company maintains the software with timely and regular updates. The team of SEO experts helps you in reaching out to a large number of customers.

Advantages Of Crypto-Based Sports Betting Software:

Technology has indeed infiltrated the Sports Betting Industry. The crypto-based software has triggered the development of several sportsbook software developments. There are certain advantages of using Crypto-Based Sports Betting Software. They are listed and explained below.

Payment process:

Fast transactions are possible without delay, and the payment gets confirmed very quickly. 

Transaction fees:

The transaction fee is absolutely none or sometimes barely collects fees while making the payment through cryptocurrencies.


Transactions that can be made through cryptocurrencies will be highly secure. There are fewer possibilities for hackers to hack the software.

Ease of Exchange: 

One can change cryptocurrency into any other currencies in an easy way. The converted currencies can be deposited into the account. 

Transparent Transactions:

Anyone can find out the details about the owner and their profile. Records are maintained on a digital ledger. 

Third-party Interference:

While making payments through cryptocurrencies, there is no control of third parties. 

Unlimited Transactions:

There is no bound to the amount that can be transferred or paid while betting. Without any restrictions, It can be done from any part of the world to anywhere.

Unique Features of Cryptocurrency Integrated Betting Software Development:

Some of the remarkable features that a player can find in Crypto-Integrated Betting software are listed below.

User panel:

  1. Social Logins- Make signing up for your stock fantasy application effortless and straightforward.
  2. leaderboard- A healthy spirit of competition always pushes users to strive for the moon.
  3. Badges- Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment, and thus to keep your users hooked, use badges for each victory.
  4. Players In Form- With the players in the form section, you can highlight the players’ stocks performing well.
  5. Charts- No investing instrument is ever complete with a chart. 
  6. Profile Management-  lets users tweak the public profile to their satisfaction.
  7. Refer and Earn- better way to increase your customer base than referrals.

Admin panel:

  1. Dashboard- shows you how your app is performing against other Stock Fantasy apps.
  2. App settings and management-  Apps like the language, sound option, two-factor authentication, app tutorials, notifications are used to change or edit the app’s experience.
  3. Role-Based User Management- Manage and control the activity of all the users, based on their roles, and also remove a user if you sense something suspicious.
  4. Leaderboard Management- Showcase the most skillful and earning users on the leaderboard.
  5. Payment and Wallet Management- let you know how many coins have been bought and redeemed by the users.
  6. Category Management- Manage the category of all the ongoing and upcoming matches and can manage categories anytime you want.
  7. Match Management- Manage the match and the betting amount of the betting in the match.
  8. Ads Management- can use all types of ads anytime that you like. And provide complete control of all the in-app advertisements.
  9. Referral Management- providing rewards to users who refer their friends and family to download your app.

Advanced features:

  1. Multiple Bet Types
  2. Admin Management System
  3. Social Sharing
  4. Mobile Responsive
  5. Agent Management System
  6. Regular Updates
  7. Betting Community
  8. Strong Backend support

Why Choose Fantasy Sports Tech for Crypto Sports Betting Software Development?

If you are looking for a reputed development company for your business, Fantasy Sports Tech is the right place! We are a reliable Crypto Sports Betting Software Development Company in the industry. It is a leading name in delivering the most efficient Crypto- integrated Sports Betting software. 

They help their clients to generate maximum profits through the extremely robust, secure, and strong betting website. They strive to work towards improving the products, services, technology, and client satisfaction. They adopt the Agile methodology that always results in delivering the software as per the client wishes to launch.

Their developers are highly specialized in the art of developing responsive and immersive sports betting applications. And they aimed to provide services with accountability and promise.

  1. 100% Transparency
  2. Assured Timely Delivery
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Technical Expertise
  5. Superlative Commitment
  6. Flexible Engagement
  7. Round The Clock Support
  8. Increased Brand Awareness


For startups, the process of developing software creates a challenging and frustrating scenario. They can sort out such things with the help of a software development company. The development company will make it for you to face different challenges and risks effortlessly and effectively.

To ensure success, they have to choose a highly skilled cryptocurrency integrated software development company. They will help them to build a successful sports betting business. This is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a billion-pound industry. 

If you start searching for that kind of development company, surely you may end up with Fantasy Sports Tech. The company that provides resources and expertise to deliver a world-class betting experience to your users. They have an innovative and industry-specific approach. They give due attention to the privacy of your clients.