Cupping For Cancer

Cupping therapy is a traditional therapy which is also called Hijama therapy. Cupping therapy is a treatment in which a practitioner puts the cup on the surface of the body to create suction or vacuum. The suction process helps in removing the toxins and blood clots from the body and increases the flow of blood. Looking for a Cupping or Hijama Specialist you should visit Hijama Center in Islamabad.


Cupping therapy comes from an ancient time it’s not new although it spread out recently. Two types of cupping are used mostly to treat many diseases like headache, pain, appetite cardiac arrest, and also for Cancer.


Research Shows that cupping is beneficial for low back pain, illness, lung disease, and also digestive problems. Cupping was also mentioned in many Hadith. Cupping was also used in the era of Egyptians. Cupping treatment extract poison from the body and boils.

Types of Cupping:

There are two main types of cupping, Dry and Wet. Dry cupping therapy is a treatment in which non-invasive it means there is no need for bleeding. While in a wet Cupping treatment in which invasive is included and an important point that includes bleeding. It is divided into the traditional wet cupping and Hijama. Hijama Comes from the Arabic word harm that means vacuum or sucking and bleeding.


Hijama is common in middle-east and north Africa, while cupping is famous in China, Korea, and also Germany.


Cancer is a deadly disease. It is thought that cancer has no cure and the patient dealing with such a deadly disease will eventually end up on a deathbed. But it doesn’t mean that Almighty has not sent any cure for it.


When a deadly disease such as cancer attacks a human body it derails the immune system. The toxins are in our body we need to remove there are thousands of ways to remove toxins from the body the best and the recommended way is the cupping therapy or you can call it Hijama therapy.


Drink plenty of water, avoid junk food, fresh air, and try to give your body more oxygen with the help of a detox program. the best and natural way to detox your body is Cupping. Cupping helps in digestion problem, remove toxins, blood clots, Cupping is also helpful to get rid of the tumor.