Data Analytics is the fastest growing technology, we all know this. There are so many courses available both online and offline. But there is also a lot of confusion about which course to learn and where to learn. Let me share my ideas, hope this will help you someway.

Data Analytics courses build your skills in technologies like-


  •       Machine Learning with Python
  •       Deep Learning, Computer Vision


  •       Data Visualization using Power BI/ Tableau
  •       Automating tasks using Python
  •       Database knowledge – SQL, Excel, VBA

I know most of you are learning new technology to get a job that is secured and well paid. So, I will suggest to you something that can help you get a job easily.


What is right for you? Read here…

Course-1 is mainly beneficial for IT professionals, coding experience, Instructor-Led, or having a very strong logical reasoning ability.

Course-2 is mainly beneficial for Non-IT professionals working in support, sales, marketing, voice process, preparing for govt. jobs, etc.


Course Duration

Great Lakes provides a long term program – 2 years

iClass Gyansetu provides a short term program – 4 months




Great Lakes provide campus placement

iClass Gyansetu provide placement through consultancies

Both have good placements, you can join any institute



Both training places have very good teams of trainers. Great Lakes have experts from across the globe and iClass Gyansetu has industry experts from companies like Microsoft, Sun Life Financials, Barclays, Amazon, etc.



Great Lakes – 0124-2865800

iClass Gyansetu – +91-9999201478/ 8130799520