They say a good sex life means ten percent of a relationship and a bad one 90 percent. Sexuality is even more important for a healthy relationship, but more and more couples, both women and men, are facing a decline in sexual desire. How to help yourself and how to keep your sex life healthy and lively?

Sexuality has a significant impact on both mental well-being and health, but even though we live in a modern and developed society, we still prefer to avoid honest conversation about sex, and especially the problems that may accompany it. Women are reluctant to look for reasons for a decline in libido, and men prefer to keep silent about the loss of sexual desire out of shame and fear of condemning society.

But it can affect anyone, regardless of age, education and social status: problems can be caused by stress and overwork, of course poor and irregular diet and lack of physical activity are also common culprits, and the cause of impotence can be found in a serious health problem, says the best sexologist in Delhi, India.

Erectile dysfunction is not an unsolvable problem

Whatever the reason, it is crucial to talk to both your partner and a sexologist in Delhi, India, because only with trust can a solution be found.

Erection problems do not cause physical pain, but cut deep and painful wounds into a man’s self-esteem. There are mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction. Even mild erectile dysfunction can upset a man a lot, but it can also affect his partner.

It is important for men with erectile dysfunction of any degree to be aware that they should not be ignored and that they should be actively committed to resolving them. The more you know about a problem that may be bothering you, the better you will be able to participate in erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

What do the statistics say?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common phenomenon, but it is a fact that a vital and healthy man who takes care of his health can maintain his erectile ability in later life, suggests sex specialist in Delhi.

Statistics show that every third man over the age of 40 experiences erectile dysfunction, of which as many as 71 percent want to improve their endurance. It is perfectly normal for sexual activity to decrease with age. The reason for this may be the appearance of the body – physical attractiveness may decline or the reason may be hormones, as many hormonal changes occur in the body. Research has shown that both men and women need more time to get aroused, sexual activity slows down, the firmness of the erection is lower and requires more stimulation, orgasms last shorter, their intensity decreases…

The consequences of a lack of sexual intercourse can be multifaceted, from relationship problems, cheating to even depression.

You can also do a lot yourself for better sexual power

When the first erectile dysfunction appear, it’s time for the first steps. The first is undoubtedly a healthier lifestyle – more exercise, a balanced diet, less alcohol and cigarettes. It is also important to find the right valve in the fight against stress, to be more active in sports and to find the right way to relax.Erectile dysfunction is not an unavoidable or unsolvable problem and is not something you should be ashamed of. So that you can have as relaxed and enjoyable a sex life as possible, there are also several gadgets available that are sure to help you with your problem. Consult your sexologist doctor in Delhi for possible treatment options.