Cleaning services have many different domains and types. It is not of one kind the same is the case with End of Tenancy Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning. One is a deep purge related to the rental property whereas, the other is the regular home cleaning. After this, the question arises that what is the main difference between the two? They both are related to cleaning properties, don’t they? The simple answer is yes, they both are related to cleaning. But, still, they are completely different things offering change services from each other. This is the reason for this article to enhance the difference between End of Tenancy Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning. The Best Cleaning Services in Northampton will provide you with both the ease and maintaining the reliability of the brand they are working to run successfully.

What is “End of Tenancy Cleaning” and “Domestic Cleaning” Services?

The first and most essential is to know about the basic of each cleaning service and then about the detail of the main difference between End of Tenancy cleaning service and the domestic cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

It is a service that a team of specialists perform with a large number of experience and after extensive rigorous training. It is something in which the specialist cleaners do a deep check of the cleanliness of the property before the new rentals. They have to make sure that the house is in the best condition. These services can be hired by any of the people like tenants, house owners and more.

  • In this, a qualified team of expert, trained, and reliable professionals mostly 2 more do everything possible to tackle the job in the best way.
  • Cleaning equipment is mostly provided by the cleaners or the company that you hire for this task as they know the best chemicals and things to clean everything up.
  • Cleaning detergents and all cleaners including scrubbing material and more also provided by the cleaners.
  • Cleaners dust off all the hard surface where no water can be used to maintain the line of safety and wiped sparkling clean from the areas needed and required.
  • The vacuum and mop all the hard areas including floors to give a clean polished touch.
  • Things like dusting, vacuuming of carpets, rugs, and upholstery is also included in this if someone wants the complete work.
  • Cleaners also do cleaning and polishing of mirrors, windows, and any glass surfaces very carefully to keep things in the best and safe way for use.
  • Also, Clean inside and out of all kitchen and things in the kitchen like appliances, cabinets, and surfaces before the new tenants for giving them a home with a fresh start.
  • Scrubbing of the bathtub, sink, and toilet are also included in this tenancy cleaning.
Best cleaning services in Northampton
Best cleaning services in Northampton

Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning is the regular cleaning of the house that people do on daily basis. But, now due to the busy schedules. They cover most of the work of the house and do it very professionally for high-quality finishing and maintenance. All you have to do is to find the right place and the right company to get the best of what you want from your house cleaners. It is never an easy task to deal with them. You have to be very much attentive while finalizing any type of deal. You have to check their rates and reviews of the people. This way you will get to know about the experience of the other people in this regard. Domestic cleaning is further of two types.

  • Regular Domestic Cleaning
  • One-off Domestic Cleaning

In regular cleaning, the cleaners come regularly like daily or on weekends while of the one-off cleaning the cleaners comes as you want them like after-party or spring cleaning etc.

Main Difference Between Two

The main difference between both is as follow.

The main difference is that domestic cleaning is not detailed cleaning. It can be detailed depending upon the  type of package you want. On the other hand End of Tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning of every single corner of the house. As it becomes the duty of the cleaners to provide a well-managed and neat, tidy house to a new tenant. The deep cleaning of everything. This is something to think about every final decision. You have to make things right for yourself by choosing the right service at affordable and competitive rates.