Air cooling is one of the most essential things to fix in summer. Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to leave yourself and those around you at the mercy of summer heat.

It can get too hot that your immediate environment will not only be uncomfortable but potentially dangerous to your health.

In homes and commercial places, there is a need to have a functional and efficient air cooling system.  When it comes to air cooling systems, there is a handful of options to consider.

While some people are still stuck with the traditional air conditioning systems that are disadvantageous on different grounds, others are moving on to the better available options.

Knowing about different types of air cooling systems will help you make better decisions about your cooling needs and how to keep yourself and everyone around you cool. Here, we will discuss the major types of air cooling systems available on the market.

Evaporative Air Coolers

Evaporative air coolers are regarded by many as the best air cooling solution for many reasons.

They are special air-cooling machines that work by absorbing hot air from the environment, passing them through cooling pads and releasing cool fresh air to the immediate environment.

They are of different types and sizes and can be used in residential buildings as well as in business areas.

While a typical industrial air cooler can be used in a large restaurant, portable air coolers can be used in different areas of the house and outdoor living areas.

Some of the biggest benefits of evaporative coolers (also called air coolers or swamp coolers) include affordability, ease of installation, energy-efficiency, provision of healthy fresh air, environmental-friendliness and many more.

Their major disadvantage is that they don’t work efficiently in a highly humid environment.

You will also need to maintain them regularly and ensure they have adequate water supply to keep them running efficiently at all times.

Air cooling is necessary for the summer. While it is super important to keep your environment cool and comfortable, you should do it most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Having learned about the different types of air cooling systems, we hope you can apply the knowledge to choose the best for you.

A perfect air cooling system will keep your home or place of business in great condition without causing financial strain.

Central Air Conditioner

For a long while, this system has been the most common air cooling system in most countries. It is often a large system installed to service the entire home.

They are also used in commercial settings where they serve different offices of varying sizes. The central air conditioner uses a network of ducts to supply air throughout the home or any building it is being used.

The system is usually made up of an outdoor and an indoor unit.

The outdoor unit comprises of the compressor and condenser coils while the indoor unit is basically made up of evaporative coils. The two distinct units are linked by refrigerant lines.

One of the most important benefits of a central air cooling system is the fact that it provides consistent cooling for an entire home all summer long.

This is normally the case when the size of the home is considered during the installation process. Most units can be regulated with thermostats.

The major disadvantage of the system is the fact that it is expensive, results in higher energy bills, and requires extensive maintenance. It is also not environmentally-friendly.

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