With the world going digital, brick and mortar business marketing is not enough. You have to be creative and brave enough to reach out to the customers anytime, anywhere. Therefore, India is now enriching itself with new digital marketing strategies. By implementing them, you can become a favorite of the users. Whether you are running an educational website or an eCommerce one, whether your purpose is to educate or is to sell, without digital marketing, people won’t be informed about your services.

At Designingkeeda, we take digital marketing to heart. By implementing on-page, off page SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and other digital marketing techniques, we ensure that your product isn’t just seen by internet surfers, it’s also remembered by them.

Our Digital marketing Services

Digital marketing is a vast and an always evolving entity. Therefore, our experts always keep up with the times and implement new technologies to attract customers in new ways. Our digital marketing services are as follows:

  1. Organic Search: Be on the top of your visitor’s mind by placing your content on the top of the search result. By implementing on page and off page optimization techniques, we make your website rise to the top.
  2. Paid marketing: Are you looking for immediate business growth? IF so, you can by pass organic marketing and stand atop the search results with your website being as an advertisement. It’s effective, cost friendly and efficient way of marketing.
  3. Social media marketing: No one can live without social media. If you establish yourself well at such sites, your customers won’t be able to live without you. Let our experts implement the best social media strategies to make you a part of daily lives of your visitors.
  4. Content marketing: Content is king. Through it, you can tell a story to your visitors, giving them the best solutions for their queries. We aware, attract, convert and delight by implementing our content marketing strategies.
  5. Online Reputation management: Don’t let your website be in any negative light. With Online Reputation management techniques, we can help you control your online presence by highlighting all that is good in your product.
  6. Local Optimization: Dominate the local search indexes and be the partner of choice for the visitors. Through local optimization, we provide you way to increase your leads and your profit.
  7. Video Marketing: Immerse your visitors by showing them a visual story. Engage with them meaningfully and grow your business through our optimized video marketing techniques.
  8. Marketing Automation: Write emails that impact and create landing pages that convert. With buyer persona in mind, we create emails and landing pages that leads to almost automatic conversion.
  9. Mobile marketing Optimization: Reach your target market through mobile phones through our all-encompassing and comprehensive mobile marketing optimization strategy.
  10. Local Listing: Evolve your business by making yourself visible in local searches. Our advert solutions will widen your horizon and broaden your online value through local listing SEO.
  11. Link Building: Build high quality links on reputable websites to improve your online reputation and increase inward traffic at the same time.

Digital Marketing is the next step of marketing evolution. Are you ready to take it?

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