On the off chance that you are worn out on the difficulties related with getting a driver’s permit in Pakistan, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to take a load off. As of late, the Punjab Government has presented another framework through the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB). The PITB has conceived a computerized framework for the administration and issuance of driving permit; the Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS). As of now, this office is just accessible for residents of Punjab.

The Dlims quetta has been utilized to incorporate the interaction of giving a driver’s permit across a day and a half regions of Punjab. Besides, residents can likewise follow their permit’s status and furthermore perceive how to apply for a permit while sitting at home.


  • The following is a basic methodology to apply for a driver’s permit on the web:
  • Most importantly, login to the DLIMS quetta Website here.
  • Download your necessary structure by going to the downloads area.
  • To look for the nearest Licensing Center, click at the Licensing Center tab.
  • Present the necessary records.
  • Following 42 days of learning period, meet the authorizing authority.
  • Breeze through the underlying hypothetical assessment.
  • At last, step through the driving examination and pass it.

There are sure special cases for this case. In the event that you need to recharge your permit or on the off chance that you require a copy permit, you should simply present the necessary archives. There is no requirement for the driving and hypothetical tests. This goes something similar for acquiring another International permit.

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Certain various archives are needed for various sorts of licenses. Following are the necessary archives for:


  • Duplicate of CNIC
  • Rs60 ticket from any mailing station
  • Traffic Rules and Regulations Code book from traffic police office.
  • Clinical endorsement from up-and-comers if their age is over 50.
  • There are particular age limits for LTVs and HTVs. Age limit for LTVs, bikes and carts is 18 years while as far as possible for HTVs is 22 years.


Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) Phase-II robotizes the cycles for driving permit issuance, restoration and updates. These exercises are done all through the territory of Punjab. This framework gives speedy preparing administration to public and forward-thinking measurements to the specialists by utilizing cutting edge innovation and hardware. The framework rethinks the issuance cycle of a wide range of licenses by utilizing a concentrated organization.

Client Care Standards

The client care norms will be upgraded so that the candidate will just need to visit the authorizing testing focus and after finishing the assessment, the candidate will get universally famous Secured Card based driving permit. To have a self-practical model to keep giving best assistance conveyance to the overall population, rotating asset will be made for internal and outward exchanges.

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Striking Features

  • Incorporated Issuance and Management of Driving Licenses
  • Concentrated Issuance and Management of Challan Ticketing System
  • Concentrated Database of Licensing System of entire Punjab
  • An issue free methodology towards applying and getting a Driving License
  • Concentrated Driving License Printing Facility
  • Conveyance of Issued Licenses through dispatch and basing on that check of the candidate can be made simple
  • Help decrease vehicle related violations
  • Making information center point for work with different organizations
  • Expansion in income by guaranteeing straightforwardness
  • For more data and subtleties of acquiring driving permit if it’s not too much trouble, visit here.

Perpetual LICENSE:

  • The Application Form (A) encased in a document cover.
  • A unique Learner Permit. The base length of the license ought to be a month and a half.
  • Clinical Certificate.
  • Verified identification measured photos (x3).
  • Verified CNIC duplicate.
  • Charge ticket referenced in License Document.
  • Store slip of Rs. 100 in any part of Habib Bank (Account Number = 01277901547301) (just for Lahore).


  • Application Form (E) encased in a record cover.
  • Visa estimated photos. (x2)
  • CNIC duplicate.
  • Driving License (Original).
  • Clinical Certificate.


Required Fee ticked referenced in License Document.

All licenses are reestablished for a very long time. There are various expenses for various types of vehicles. Recharging expense for cruisers is Rs500 while for other LTVS is Rs750. The restoration expense for HTVs is Rs1000.

Worldwide LICENSE:

  • Worldwide Application Form inside document cover.
  • CNIC duplicate. (Verified)
  • Legitimate driving permit duplicate.
  • Pakistani identification duplicate with in any event a half year legitimacy alongside Visa.
  • Verified identification estimated photos. (x2)
  • Court charge ticket of Rs66.

In the event that you are applying for worldwide permit, you should carry your unique CNIC alongside your driving permit and identification to the permit place.

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  • Required Application Form in document cover.
  • CNIC duplicate. (Verified)
  • Verified identification estimated photos. (x2)
  • In the event of a modernized License, a report from the PC area or; else, an expiry testament of the concerned permit from the pertinent mail center.
  • In the event that you have lost your permit and are applying for a copy, you should present a FIR of the police headquarters with respect to the deficiency of your permit.

Pertinent tickets.

Albeit, the entire system of giving a permit isn’t yet digitized, the permitting specialists actually keep a manual record of the necessary reports. Because of this, an individual applying for a permit should visit the permit community to present every one of these archives in printed structure. Almost certainly, the public authority will digitize this framework for each area as it will significantly help the residents of Pakistan. Moreover, it will save them from the feverish methodology of holding up in lines throughout the day.