Login to the D-link router’s web Graphical User Interface uses dlinkrouter.local as the default web address navigated from a web browser. dlinkrouter.local directs the web interface after accepting correct Dlink login credentials in administrative login fields.

How do I login to my Dlink router?

  • Access a default web browser on your PC that is connected to the D-link router either with an Ethernet cable (wired setup) or by wifi settings (wireless setup).
  • Ensure that the computer has an active Internet network connection.
  • Type dlinkrouter.local as the default Dlink login address in the desired URL field.
  • dlinkrouter.local routes the D-link Login page, but if it does not, use the default D-link IP gateway to access d-link login .
  • Press Enter.
  • As the D-link login page pops up, enter the default d-link router login information in login spaces for logging into the D-link router’s web page.
  • Use “admin” in the default administrative login username field.
  • For the D-link login password; field should be kept blank as pre- set default factory settings.
  • In case you had changed and created d-link administrative password while configuring the router using Quick setup wizard accessed via dlinkrouter.local login for first time, you must enter that assigned password for D-link login.
  • Press Enter to D-link login.
  • The web GUI of the D-link router would get open.

D-link router login is successfully completed for further managing and configuring the router’s settings.

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