Roofs are an essential part of everyone’s house. It protects you from the sun, rain, and other adverse climatic conditions. This further makes it imperial to weatherproof your rooftop. It serves as the final defense against detrimental leaks. You can either weatherproof a new roof you are installing, or upgrade your older roof.

However, weatherproofing is not an easy task and often requires professionals to install it. They further help understand and determine the right formula necessary for your roof to keep the moisture out. After they are done analyzing the roof, the weatherproof roofing company will offer recommendations unique to your house.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Weatherproofing?

This evaluation usually depends on the age of your roof and climatic conditions in that region. Further mentioned in this article are some ways these professionals weatherproof a roof.

  • Protective Underlayment

Inexperienced roofers use felt paper as a defensive underlayment in roofing. However, as said by the professionals, this option is far from ideal. When the underlayment is nailed to the deck, holes in the felt paper might show up further allowing water to seep inside. It also has a tendency to curl, which leaves the seams under shingles exposed.

The best way to weatherproof a roof is by using adhesive underlayment. They are less likely to peel or tear, offering better protection to your roof. More so, since the adhesive sticks to the roof, there is no need for nails to keep the material in place. This helps it protect the roof against leaks better when compared to felt paper. An experienced weatherproof roofing company will always give you an option to choose from both.

  • Sloping Roof Solutions

You can also find weatherproof solutions for houses in colder climates or places that have heavy rainfall. Since houses in colder climates usually have sloped roofs, the method is different. Intense rain or heavy wind can harm a sloping roof, further causing leaks.

This is where having a weatherproof membrane can come in handy. Instead of getting steel barriers, an asphalt membrane can help shield the roof even in the worst weather. Moreover, this would not ruin the look of your house.


Every house has a different roof. This is why you should always choose a professional for such tasks since they will surely know which kind of weatherproofing will be useful. Companies like The Roof Store has experienced experts, who can help you, find the best weatherproofing solutions for your roof.