In this beauty era, eyelash extensions are one of the hottest trends. Every time you open up your Instagram, you will get bombarded with beautiful shots of women with eyelash extensions. They look so alluring and create fullness and an aware appearance with minimal effort and makeup. 

The high demand for these beauty treatments has increased the number of salons offering them. Not all salons are equal, so it is prudent to do proper research before jumping to get them done. 

Don’t be afraid to ask: Are your lash extensions safe? Do they cause damage to your real eyelashes? Let’s get into deep of this and answer all your questions with a professional lash artist’s help. 

Do they really cause damage to your real eyelashes?

No, but there are many things you want to be aware of when you are getting extensions done. You should only apply for eyelash extensions by a certified cosmetologist or aesthetician. You need to ensure that you research the salon properly before going for an appointment. And if something doesn’t seem right, speak up.

What will damage my lashes if not extension?

The most common thing with the clients is they damage their own eyelashes by pulling and picking at them. If you pull out extensions, you probably pull out your natural lashes too. It leaves your lashes looking sparser than before. Aftercare of lashes is essential to keep your lashes healthy.

In severe cases, not cleaning your lashes will lead to mites that inflame your eyes and cause itchiness. Like hair, eyelashes also get oily, and if they aren’t washed, then it is a perfect breeding ground for mites.

Is glue dangerous for your lashes?

The eyelashes glues are not inherently dangerous. Before, the glue based on formaldehyde was more common, but now the salons are not using them anymore. But, some people do have allergic reactions when the glue is used to apply to their extensions. So, during the pre-consultation, it is recommended to take a patch test of the glue they use to know if you have any allergic reaction to that.

What is the lash cycle? 

Your eyelashes fall out every 4 to 6 weeks, and it varies for everybody. You probably have 3-5 eyelashes fall out without even noticing. If you wear an extension, it becomes more noticeable. If you wait too long for a lash refill, you will forget how your natural lashes look. And it’s natural to think if there is a problem with your lashes or not.

Why is it essential to apply for extensions by professionals?

If you search in google for horror stories of eyelash extension, it will show enough pictures to convince anyone that glorious eyelashes are only a dream. But if you take service from a certified professional, they will not only know how to apply for extensions, but they will also protect your eyes in the process. 

Each appointment should include a consultant session of overall health before any lashes are applied. An expert will also know how to prevent infection of the cornea and eyelid through proper sanitation. In short, a reputed salon would never risk your health or eyes with any glue.

Is there any hope if lashes are already damaged? Can I ever get an eyelash extension again?

We have experienced the situation when clients visit us with damaged lashes from either visiting an unlicensed aesthetician or an unprofessional studio. If your lashes are badly damaged, we can never apply lash extensions on them. But it does not mean helpless; there are products available that help your natural lashes grow fuller and stronger. In most cases, the damage is temporary if it is from pulling or poor hygiene. You can use a lash serum and give your lashes time to recuperate normally.

Are there any side-effects of artificial eyelashes?

Are eyelash extensions safe? Yes, if your salon applied them correctly. There are few side effects you must be aware of while caring for your new lashes. The most common side effect of lashes is an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Others include irritation, damage to your eye, infection, or rubbing on your eyes. Makeup with extension also causes issues. 

Avoid using oil-based and waterproof brands if you choose to apply mascara. Mascara will add weight to your lashes, and as a result, they will fall out. It is the responsibility of lash professionals to ensure that you are aware of these side effects, so you don’t damage your natural lashes. 

Wrapping it up:

Like any other beauty product or routine, it’s not worth skimping on lash extensions. You are paying a good price for the service that will not cause you problems, then getting a discount on lashes will create problems for a long time. If you have any doubt about our lash artist and don’t ignore the warning signs. If something will not seem right then, it probably isn’t. The lash professionals near me are trained to know about extensions to ensure that it is completely protected.