With the continuous development of society, private cars are no longer a luxury that a few people can own. Everyone who owns a car believes that their car is very valuable. After all, the car is in a better condition, has a longer life span, and is safer when driving on the road. Not only is it responsible for their own money, but also for their own lives. Responsible for safety.

Vehicle maintenance is one of the necessary links in our car. Some failures and losses in the driving process of the vehicle can only be resolved when maintenance is required. Regular maintenance and proper maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the vehicle and improve driving comfort. .

Many people go to the 4S shop when the car needs repairs, but every time they go to the 4S shop, they will be checked for such problems. The final calculated price can be said to be quite high. In fact, there are a lot of car maintenance “routines” in 4S shops. If you don’t know enough about cars, then it is very likely that the 4S shop will swindle a lot of money. How can we avoid these routines?

We must first figure out when should the car be maintained, and what items must be maintained? Generally speaking, the frequency of car maintenance should be determined according to the maintenance manual. If the 4S shop calls for maintenance before you reach the maintenance mileage, it is mostly to make more money.

It is generally reasonable to repair the car according to the mileage specified in the maintenance manual. And after arriving at the 4S shop, the salesperson will tell you about various maintenance items, such as air conditioning and throttle cleaning, and oil cleaning. In fact, these are not necessary to be done in a short time.

Especially car air conditioners, generally do not run 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, in fact, there is no need to clean them at all. When cleaning, the store will also use various methods to charge more, such as replacing the filter element with an air conditioner. In fact, whether it is a cleaning agent or a filter element, the price is around tens of yuan. If you are famous for this, you have to be more careful. There are a variety of parts that need to be replaced during the replacement cycle, and they must be judged according to the maintenance manual. They are not instigated by the 4S shop, and they are replaced in a silly way. In fact, many things have not reached the end of their service life.

In addition, there are also some items that we must do maintenance work, these maintenance work has a close relationship with our driving safety. For example, when tires have various problems, or when they are severely worn, they need to be replaced in time. This dfsk part needs to touch the ground at any time. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous. In addition, what if the 4S store launches “free testing” activities. Then it may be a pitfall, which is actually the same way that a normal free physical examination will detect a bunch of problems.

In fact, in the process of maintaining a car, the most important thing is to carefully read the “Maintenance Manual” that comes with the car. Only if you have a full understanding of your car, will you not be influenced by a word of others. Do it well, but the money will be more. The car is our own important property, we have to be more careful at ordinary times. After reading this article, I won’t be pitted anymore.