Mock test provides you this factors which help you for final exam.

Get used to the atmosphere

The atmosphere of the test site is unique. For some reason, the people around me seem to be smarter than me. People who are mentally weak may be overwhelmed by the atmosphere. However, it is natural that there are people around you who you do not know in the actual examination. You have to be able to show your abilities in any situation. In that sense, the CA Final Mock Test Series is very useful. It is better to experience the preparation after entering the venue. For the time being, you can rest assured that you have done it even once.

Know your own ability at that time

Isn’t the main purpose of taking a mock exam to know your own ability? It is convenient and you can see your overall position by looking at the deviation value. What you see instead of the score is the deviation value. The reason is that the average score is completely different depending on the difficulty of the mock exam.. The standard of deviation value differs depending on the type of mock test. This is due to a different population.

See the growth of your academic ability

Those who take mock exams on a regular basis can see the transition of their academic ability. It usually goes up and down. Let’s look at the overall trend. If it’s an upward trend, it’s fine, but I have to think of it as a downward trend. Is the amount of learning sufficient? How is it? If you do not have a specific field, you will need to review the bottom part. It may be judged that you are an examiner, but it is better not to be overwhelmed. It is just a guide.

Get used to the tendency of questions at the examination

When you are in the final year of CA, there is a mock exam that specializes in the examination collage. These mock exams are very helpful because they are created by analyzing the questioning tendency of the questions. In some cases, a question similar to the question given in the University of Delhi imitation test came out in production. Well, there are few such cases, but it is often useful in various ways such as time allocation and the order of solving problems. I think that those who have decided on an examination college should take it.

Decide on an examination

When you take a mock exam, it will automatically pick up the test that is suitable for your current ability. If you can’t think of an examination college at all, this is also helpful. However, since it is the current time, let’s aim for a higher college as much as possible. If you don’t know the college, you can look it up yourself. By moving from yourself, you will enter the examination mode.