Sadhu Seva in Delhi or befriending the lord’s beloved devotees who have dedicated themselves to his cherishing devotional service is being consistently practised at ISKCON Delhi where the sadhus, or ambling monks are aided by offering the basic necessities which include food, clothing and medical treatment.

ISKCON Delhi regularly conducts Bhandaras which means inviting local ascetics to heed en-mass and offering food, clothing and a small amount of economic support or Dakshina. Volunteers are very passionate about supporting the sadhu, as they are very dear to the Lord himself. Another central element of this is to nurture self-development through spiritual knowledge and training.

ISKCON Delhi donation

Many of us have been interested in serving God in whichever way possible and Sadhu Seva in Delhi is one preferred way of sharing your bit with God. If you too are willing to contribute and help with aiding the sadhus then don’t nations are a perfect way to do so. 

ISKCON Delhi Donations can be ad-hoc or on a regular monthly source as per your convenience and economic wellness. You are not bound to donate a fixed amount, you can rather share as much as suits you. The funds that you donate will be utilised straightforwardly for serving the needy and providing them with basic necessities including food, water and medical aid.

Here is why you must get share to the ISKCON Delhi Donations

  • Helping others feels fortunate. When you indulge in ISKCON Delhi donations you not only help them resume their crucial serving but at the same time you’re also enhancing your very own emotional wellbeing.
  • If you are not in a position to bestow financially to charity but are glimpsing for other ways to give back, assess volunteering your time instead. 
  • Life is occupied, and it can sometimes be gullible to miss to show your gratitude for all that you have been given. However, through donations, you can easily show your gratitude towards the needy and also motivate others in your surrounding to do so.

So if it is about donating and showing your gratitude and enthusiasm to help the needy then do not think twice and quickly reach ISKCON Delhi donations who are in need of funds to continue serving the needy by aiding them with food, water, shelter and medical help. Hurry and donate for Sadhu Seva in Delhi