Want to save Instagram Stories or videos to watch offline or share with friends who aren’t on the site, but can’t seem to discover a method to do so? Don’t worry, there are a slew of third-party online apps available to help you download Instagram Stories and videos. 

The Instagram video will be downloaded to your device’s local storage, where you may share it as a standard MP4 video file with your friends and play it on third-party apps. You may also save Instagram Reels and images with a few of them. Before you scroll down to download Instagram Stories or videos, make sure you have permission from the authors first.


Download Instagram videos to your Android or iPhone device.

There are several online IG tools available for downloading Instagram videos on Android or iPhones. These tools are compatible with any browser that allows downloads, such as Chrome and Safari. Using Instastory.net, we’ll demonstrate how to download Instagram videos. You may also use any other IG tools but this is the best.

  • Go to Instastory from your browser.
  • Go to ‘Tools’ –> ‘Downloader’ –> pick the category, which will be as follows. Photo, Videos, Profiles, Stories, and IGTV are all available on Instagram.
  • Now go to Instagram and copy the video’s URL. To do so, press the ‘three-dot icon’ and then ‘Copy link.’
  • Return to Instastory and paste the link into the URL field before pressing the ‘Search’ button.
  • To see the search result, scroll down.
  • To save the Instagram video to your Android or iPhone, use the download icon.
  • Laptops and PCs running Windows/MacOS can download Instagram videos.

The above Instagram video downloader is compatible with Windows 7/Windows 10 PCs and laptops, as well as Mac OS X. However, there is another way to download Instagram videos to your computer. 

To save videos/photos to your smartphone, install the Google Chrome plugin “Downloader for Instagram.” However, it is limited to Windows 10 and macOS-based laptops and PCs.

  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store and search for ‘Downloader for Instagram.’ Alternatively, you may go straight to the extension’s website by clicking this link.
  • Select ‘Add to Chrome’ from the drop-down menu. This will enable the extension to be installed on your Chrome browser.
  • Open the Instagram video you’d like to save.
  • When you move your mouse over the video, a cloud with a downward arrow icon appears in the top-left corner.
  • The Instagram video will be downloaded to your smartphone if you choose the icon.

On desktops, the same processes may be followed to download Instagram Stories, pictures, profiles, and Reels videos.

In fact, every Instagram photo or media file with this extension has a download button.

Downloading videos from a private Instagram account

You can only download videos from a private Instagram account if you already follow it. Otherwise, there is no free way to download Instagram videos from a private account. 

Download the Instagram Story app

You can also use Instastory to download an Instagram Story, whether it’s a video or a photo.

To do so, go to the official website and look for the Instastory Instagram Story download option.

Tap on Search after entering the username of the Instagram account holder.

Following that, you’ll see the user’s current Stories as well as their older Instagram Highlights.

The Instagram story video/photo will be saved on your device once you press the download button.

If it’s your personal Instagram Story, you don’t have to go through that step. Instagram allows you to store your previous Stories. By pressing the downward symbol above the screen when making an Instagram Story, you may save it to your smartphone. If you forget to save your Story, go to your Story and click on the three-dot symbol, then save.

Downloading live videos from Instagram

While Instagram live videos are streaming, you can’t download them. If it’s your live video, you can download it when the stream is finished by clicking the save ‘Save’ button.

If it’s someone else’s Instagram live video, you can only save it if the user has published it as a story for at least 24 hours. The procedures for downloading an Instagram Live video will be the same as for downloading an Instagram story in that scenario (stated-above).

Download Instagram pictures and posts

The same procedures as before may be used to download an Instagram photo or post to your computer (for video). Under the ‘Downloader’ tab on Instastory.net, there are separate tabs for each article type. If you don’t like this online technique, you may simply take a screenshot of an Instagram post or photograph and save it to your computer. But that won’t give you the original quality images rather its entire quality will be destroyed.

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