The largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is usually called the land of contrasts. While the vast deserts and ancient artforms of the town tell the story of its Bedouin legacy, the sprawling skyscrapers and therefore the massive shopping malls describe a up to date , cosmopolitan city. due to this very reason, this multifaceted land boasts a wealth of attractions for its visitors.

Perhaps the foremost interesting of of these activities is that the Dubai desert safari. After all, what are often more thrilling than an adventure-filled ride into the encompassing deserts on a 4×4 vehicle? Interesting activities like dune bashing, fat bike riding, quad biking and sand boarding are the highlights of a typical Dubai desert safari. For the culturally inclined, traditional activities like henna painting and camel riding also are included.


On a typical jeep safari in Dubai, there’ll be an itinerary of things to try to to starting from fun desert sports to demonstrations of Arabic cooking, dancing or perhaps falconry, that offer you a taste of nomadic life within the desert. Desert tour safaris will happen within the morning or evening. Both morning and evening trips are often tailored to incorporate anything from Arabic bread-making to Saluki race and even hot air ballooning. also as being the good times of the day, these also are the foremost magical times within the desert; the low sun creates extraordinary light that turns the sand coral and rose-pink.

Dubai Desert safari

Morning desert safaris

On a typical morning safari, you would possibly stop for a camel ride, try sandboarding and dune-bashing, take photos and spend a while spotting gazelles and Arabian oryx. Morning desert safaris are perfect if you’re short on time. Most morning desert safaris start from 9 am and last 2 to three .5 hours, allowing you additional time for other activities later within the afternoon. it’s also a more quiet time to travel as most safaris happen within the evenings.

Evening desert safaris

A typical evening safari involves driving to a Bedouin-style camp, watching a mesmerizing dance show, star-gazing, trying henna painting and enjoying some Middle Eastern cuisine. Evening desert safaris usually start at 3 or 4 pm and supply an opportunity to ascertain the stunning sunset within the desert. Some even offer the choice of staying overnight within the desert.

When to Go

The absolute best time to experience a desert safari in Dubai is between the months of November and March. At this point , the temperature is a smaller amount extreme and tends to hover around 25 degrees at the most well liked point but with lows of 14 degrees, making it the right climate to go bent the desert. While you’ll visit the desert within the summer months, the temperatures soar to 40 degrees and with little or no shade, it’s not recommended. If you are doing venture to the desert between April and October, it’s knowing visit very early within the morning or very late within the evening.