Different age groups have different factors of stress that shift their focus from their work. Be it a professional or student. Stress is not good for our personal and professional life. When the task increased the stress to complete them on time also increased. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to manage. We are listing a few things to follow to overcome the stress.

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Manage stress in 4 ways for long study/ working hours

Change your habit to say yes

We all have a bad habit of doing all the work alone and that’s why we immediately agree to do any work. Whether we have our stuff to do or we are tired and not able to do anything. Instead of doing everything you should distribute the time with the task and prioritize each one. Sometimes we just can’t say no to someone and are ready to do everything without caring for ourselves. Try to share responsibilities with the person.

Talk to your loved ones/ friends/ teachers

Talking to someone when you are stressed may help you. A proper conversation with your friend or someone whom you trust fully and who will understand your situation will heal the moment. You can find this emotional support from anyone, your best friend or professor.

Getaway that triggers stress

Stay calm. Try to figure out what things trigger you. It is said when you know the reasons half of the problem gets resolved. Trying to write journals is one of the best ways to write down everything you are feeling. You can listen to instrumental music. College students have a bad habit of writing their assignments and projects just before the due date. It will be better to do assignments in parts so it will be a little boring, wil complete before the last date and produce less stress.

Time management

When students enter college the first change is freedom from morning assembly prayers and regular classes timings. They start bunking and lose the schedule. When there’s no proper study, no proper exam preparation that causes stress. Make a schedule including fun and outdoor activities.

All 4 points are simple to adapt to your routine and to get distressed yourself from any pressurized event. If you can go on a walk to the gym or do exercise by yourself at home it will be a great idea to calm yourself and be focused.