One of the most interesting radio shows in the Basque country is escuchar la radio. This show is a weekly radio show that has been broadcasting since 1971. It can be heard in English, French, and Basque. The great thing about this radio station is that it is a mixture of music from many other radio stations across Europe as well as the Basque region. Every week a new selection of songs are played and the music is some of the best you will ever hear.

If you want to listen online you need an account with the radio station. There is a monthly subscription fee that you have to pay. It is very cheap because they only charge a small amount for transmitting the radio online. They also have the added advantage of being able to sell songs and any other material they want on the radio.

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The great thing about listening to Escuchar La Radio online is that it doesn’t cost anything to access it. Instead of paying per song or per minute you only need to pay a small subscription fee. With this online radio you can enjoy many free songs as well. There is no need to purchase any sort of media or CD so you can definitely get the most for your money with this radio.

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