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Situated in the south of Spain, the heart of the culture- Malaga is famous for its ever-pleasant environment with sunny yellow sand coast. It is the capital of Costa del Sol and is tremendously famous for its diverse culture. It is a place that gave birth to the world-famous painter Pablo Picasso. The city boasts of a strong historical significance that blends together with its contemporary and unconventional character and exceptional charm. The city is well-known as a treasure of distinctive museums, stunning buildings and fantastic history. Along with its unique and interesting infrastructure, the city is also well-recognized for its scrumptious food. And above all, the weather is always favourable no matter at what time or month you make your visit to this place, the temperature seldom goes down below 100 C. Malaga has got a lot to offer to its tourists having different preferences, interests and tastes.

 Why choose Walking Tour 

The historical centre of the city is ideal for pedestrians. There is no better way than walking to explore the real beauty of the city. You can easily go out for a pleasant walk and enjoy looking at the main sites of interest with utmost convenience and comfort.

Costa del Sol and Beaches: Sandy beaches combined with amazing weather, makes Malaga totally spectacular. You can find a wide array of beaches, some of which are located close to the city, giving you an exciting opportunity to indulge in adventurous water sports. There are also remote beaches situated far away from the city that makes for an ideal spot for the people who want to enjoy a quiet and calm place away from the hustle-bustle of the urban setting.

Art and Culture: Malaga is well-known for its rich art and culture. Picasso is a fusion of modern architecture and history intriguingly, but what attracts the most is the great artist’s work displayed inside the premises. Malaga is popular for hosts of other sites too, such as the Car Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, and Pompidou Centre. Also, there are numerous art galleries, the art district called Soho along the modern port area.

History: Being one of the most ancient cities in Spain, there are various remnants of its rich past disseminated all over the place. This historical town consists of charming cobbled streets, Roman Amphitheatre, Moorish fortress of Alcazaba, Gilbralfaro castle, Cathedral of Malaga and La Manquita.

Nightlife in Malaga: since Beach is what Malaga is famous for, you can find numerous beach bars available 24/7, cafes, nightclubs and more.

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