The situation becomes very frustrating when you want to print very important document and epson printer not printing properly error happens. When epson printer quit working all of a sudden. This issue occur due to some technical issue inside the printer. There can be many reasons behind this issue such as clogged ink cartridges, lower ink levels, paper jam error etc. For fixing epson printer not printing properly error you need to follow the troubleshooting techniques mention ahead.

How do I Remove epson printer not printing properly?

Many times this is possible that epson printer not printing properly due to little or basic reason.
However, this is recommended to begin complete check prior using troubleshooting methods.
Confirming Printer is Switch On.
The printer is in proper connection with computer through USB.
Ink cartridges are set correctly.
Checking paper is properly place into the tray.
Verify printer is not offering any issues.
Cleaning Print head of Epson Printer.

Epson printer not printing properly happens if the print head is not clean correctly. Many times due to non-usage of printer, print head can get clogged. You must begin cleaning print head for beginning the printing sessions. Each printer got pre-equipped tool for cleaning printhead so there is nothing to get worry about.

Follow the steps to clean print head:

1. Checking printable side of paper is facing up in sheet folder.
2. Running head cleaning utility to clean clogged ink nozzles.
3. Begin the head cleaning technique for cleaning clogged ink nozzles.
4. Afterward, begin running print head alignment utility for fixing epson printer not printing properly.
5. Now on printer software’s main section, select automatic as the mode setting.
6. Change the dried up ink cartridge if ink out light flashes.
7. Modify the printing area configuration as per your need.
8. Adjusting the color settings on your printer software for coloring to fix epson printer not printing properly.
9. At last, begin checking if media type settings on your printer is right.

Choosing Epson Printer as Default:

1. Visit Start menu.
2. Choose settings.
3. Click on devices and select printers & scanners.
4. Tap Epson printer.
5. Click Manage and choose set as default option.

You need to uncheck the option let windows manage my default printer box for allowing system to make use of latest printer.

Removing every Print Jobs.
1. Begin clicking Windows key + R together.
2. Input Services.msc in run box.
3. Search for Print spooler and right tap on it.
4. Click stop.
5.Get back to desktop, open file explorer and in the search box input %windir%System32spoolPRINTERS.
6. Delete every file from folder.
7. Visit the print spooler service.
8. Right click start.
You need to make sure that the startup tye is set to automatic and click Ok.
These were some simple troubleshooting techniques that will assist you in fixing epson printer not printing properly.
Once you follow every method correctly your epson printer will begin to work in same way like it was working before.