Camping is one of the most thrilling and fantastic fun activities to bond with friends and family over a bonfire. Have you ever tried desert camping? Woah! The level of fun would rise when you plan to do desert camping in UAE.

There are lovely places to go camping like Fujairah, Bedouin camp, White sand beach, Fossil rock and many lakes and the vast Arabian desert. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most important places to visit as a hub for travel enthusiasts because of their luxurious lives.

Desert camp Dubai offers various fun activities, like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, camel ride, and many more. However, you need to know about the safety tips, best sites, health guidance, and more to make your tour splendid and memorable. It’s great to enjoy playing games in the F95 zone while staying in desert camp.

Spare a few minutes and look down to get information about desert camping; let’s dive in!

Best Camping Site Guidelines

  • A campsite should not be on a low area, such as a stream valley, or next to a cliff, and a tent site also should not be set up at the base of a cliff.
  • Cooking stations and wood-burning stations should be at a distance from tents, fuel depots, fuel tanks, and electricity poles.
  • It is also recommended that tents are placed high enough away from water tide levels.
  • It is also advised that camping enthusiasts avoid mud floors that may be infested with insects. If you want to prevent a moist environment inside the tent, set up the tent on flat ground without any stones or potholes.

What Camping Equipments You Need To Bring?

Camping equipment is the necessary thing that you need to focus on. Bring your own camp, sheets, pillows, mattress, and sleeping bags so that you don’t feel any inconvenience. If you plan BBQ, then bring the ti foil, BBQ set, stove, firewood, and kettle to make a tea. Don’t forget to bring insect repellent, matches to blow fire, charcoal, and extra batteries.

To put all the waste or gather all the things, bring plastic bags and make sure your camping site should be clean. Also, bring tissues and wipes, a shovel, and a map to find an accurate direction.

In case of any mishap, have a first aid kit on hand. An antiseptic spray or wipe should be available for wounds, Tweezers should be available for removing splinters, and Latex gloves and pain killers should be included in the kit.

Tips & Suggestions 

  • Make sure you have a lot of garbage bags on hand. The bags can also be helpful for carrying your things after you use them.
  • Even though deserts are known as hot places, at desert camp Dubai you should bring warm clothes as nights are cold. 
  • Cover your feet during camping as the sand and mud contain various insects and scorpions.
  • Bring your safety gear, water bottle, extra boots, clothes, and torch.
  • It’s not a good idea to cook by the fire. Don’t bury your barbecue after you’ve finished cooking. Stepping on the sand or sitting there can cause people to burn themselves.
  • Your campsite should always be left cleaner than how you found it.
  • Hunting wildlife is illegal and a criminal offense.

Why Hire Tourist Agency?

The agencies usually offer desert safari packages which include morning safari, evening and overnight desert safari, as well as the opportunity to camp in the desert. They also provide various other packages at affordable costs, which include the Desert camp Dubai tour.

The perks are they are responsible for everything you need. They present the guidelines and what you have to do on your site, and they will be responsible for all the items. They also take care of your safety, fun, and enjoyment. They make sure you enjoy the fullest and try to make your experience memorable. The drivers pick up and drop off guests at their hotel on time. No effort on your part is required.

You can even go for a private tour or safari with them to get the VIP treatment. The additional benefit is that you can save your money because it will be much costly if you arrange everything yourself. The positive side to managing your camping is, you get plenty of time, you can do anything you want without any boundaries or time limits. So, now it’s your choice!

Wrap It Up! 

Hope you got all the necessary information for desert camping. It’s entirely your choice to choose the place, but it is required to follow the tips, precautions, suggestions, and guidelines. Camping is the best part of any tour so, never miss this opportunity when visiting UAE. Make the experience unforgettable with your family or friends. Comment below if you have any thoughts.
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