Curiosity and questions are the most integral part of human life. Thousands of doubts about anything that you see cross your mind every minute. When you think about any of your possessions, the most significant part is its life. You’re intrigued to know about the lifetime of everything with some importance and the ways you can increase the duration that it will last for.

Something similar is the case with your car tyres. However, you will have to look for the other answers you seek.

Tyre Life

Your tyres do not come with any restriction about their age. In most of the cases, it entirely lies in the hands of the driver to decide whether the tyres have made it to their life’s end or not. Also, the regulations of road traffic say that a vehicle and all of its pieces of equipment must be fit for the road under every situation.

That includes the tyres too.

There are some criteria which can help you to decide if you can continue using your tyres or you are in a need to replace them. The following is what you need to know:

  • Your car has four similar tyres
  • The tread depth of each of them should at least be 3 mm if they are summer tyres and 4 mm if they are winter tyres
  • Your tyres should not be older than 10 years in any case.

Why should you avoid Old Tyres?

Old isn’t the gold always.

The age of your tyres tells a lot about how worthy they are on road. After a course of time, the traction of your car, important for better performance on slippery roads, suffers damage. There is an increase in the braking distance and the rubber component in the tyres become more brittle.

It is necessary to have a sufficient road grip and traction in your tyres while driving, especially, during winters. Studies show that all the tyres undergo a considerable amount of damage over the years. This affects braking performance adversely.

Also, old tyres can not match their pace with that of the safety standards which are advancing every day.

There is no legal instruction about how old your car tyre can be but there are sensible indications which you can look out for and change your tyres at the earliest signs of ageing. You should also be very conscious about the age of the tyres Willenhall when you buy a used car.

How to know the age of your tyres?

On the sidewalls of your tyres, you can find three digits and a triangle. The first two digits stand for the calendar week and the last of them shows the year between 1990 to 1999 period. If you do not find any triangle, you are in an immediate need to change your tyres as your tyres are from the 1980s.

Proper Storage

One of the major factors that affect the life of your tyres Wolverhampton is storage. Your tyres must be stored in a cool, dry and dark place and must not be exposed to UV light. Your tyres should also not come in contact with any lubricants or chemicals like ozone as they harm the rubber.

How to save your tyres

Some powers to protect your tyres from damage rests in your hands. Kerbstones, weathering, collision with any object and improper vehicle settings can damage your tyres well. You must frequently check the sidewalls of your tyres and the surface of the tyre for any signs of uneven wearing.

Avoid parking too close to the footpath to prevent damaging your sidewalls. Timely wheel balancing and alignment can help you prevent tyre wear as well.

If you have any queries or need any assistance with your car tyres, contact us at Martini Tyres. Our professionals are always eager to help you. Do come to us in case of any doubt regarding your tyres and we will provide you with the best services possible.