If you take a look around the house you will notice that almost every piece of furniture is made using plywood. This is because plywood is one of the most popular choices of building materials which is widely preferred not only by homeowners, but also by professionals like interior designers, contractors, architects, and more. Plywood is made by cross bonding core veneers and panel veneers and gluing them together under high heat and pressure to make a consolidated sheet that can be made into different plywood elements. Depending on your requirement, you can pick your plywood and this material has become indispensable especially in the building and finishing solutions industry.

Here are the different kinds of plywood available on the market and their applications.

Types of plywood

MR grade plywood

This type of plywood is also called moisture resistant grade ply and shows a great amount of resistance against moisture and humidity. MR grade ply is specially treated with resins like formaldehyde and should ideally be avoided in areas that get wet or are exposed to moisture for a long period of time like the kitchen or your bathroom. This plywood is borer and termite resistant. You can use it for cabinets, shelves, and furniture in your living and dining areas. Always go for top-quality plywood that provides multiple advantages at an affordable cost.

BWR grade plywood

The BWR grade ply is also called boiling water resistant and uses a special adhesive like phenol-formaldehyde. This allows it to provide excellent resistance towards water and is great for interior uses like coffee table, dining table or other furniture elements. Since it provides more resistance to moisture, it is slightly on the expensive side.

BWP grade plywood

The best plywood for furniture is boiling waterproof grade plywood, which provides superior water resistance and weather protection, making it ideal to be used in every place inside the house. Since it has a strong bonding and is created with powerful adhesives such as phenolic glue, it is able to provide resistance in areas with a water exposure for long periods of time, like your bathroom, kitchen, patio, and even basement. BWP is more expensive than BWR plywood since it is completely waterproof and also offers high protection from borer & termite attacks, warping, bending and more – this makes it a great one-time investment and value for money.

In Conclusion

When it comes to the top plywood brands in India, CenturyPly provides the best quality plywood which has undergone several testing methods and is specially bonded with resins to improve its durability. Ensure that you only buy plywood from such trusted brands. You can take help from experts in the field, who will make your plywood buying decision easier and simpler.