Everyone appreciates beautiful facial looks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. A cute pair of eyebrows elevate your overall facial beauty. You may feel dissatisfied due to small arched and thin eyebrows. But it’s possible to add a volume of eyebrow hair.

Are you wondering how to redefine the shape of your eyebrow and increase eyebrows density? Get eyebrow transplant surgery from an expert, and you’ll have a permanent solution. The procedure involves plucking extra hair from other parts of your body and implanting them into your eyebrow parts.

You may have sparse eyebrows due to skin conditions, aging, and hormonal changes. Also, if you undergo chemotherapy, you’re likely to lose eyebrow hair. But many people also have thin eyebrows due to stress, overplucking, and even leprosy.

Whichever the cause of your eyebrow problem, the eyebrow transplant process offers the most effective solution. You don’t have to endure the stress that comes with a due change in facial beauty after losing your eyebrow hair. Just visit an expert and discuss eyebrow transplant surgery.

Eyebrow transplant procedure

You can undergo an eyebrow hair transplant procedure in a clinic as an outpatient or in your doctor’s office. The surgeon applies local anesthesia or oral sedation for numbing before the treatment begins.

During the eyebrow transplant process, your doctor designs the shape and dimension of your eyebrow. The surgeon listens to your output and pays close attention to ensure your brows and facial features have a balance.

You’re allowed to choose between follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant methods for an eyebrow transplant. Any of the procedures you select gives your brows excellent looks after the process.

If you decide its FUE technique you desire, your expert removes hair follicles from other parts of your body, which are then transplanted. Manual punch may be applied to extract hair follicles one by one.

Some of the tools that your surgeon may use for follicle extraction are powered punch or robotic punch. The doctor makes tiny holes in your eyebrows regions where the extracted grafts will be transplanted.

Once your doctor is through with transplanting the grafts, they will begin growing like your natural eyebrows hair. You can rely on FUE to redefine and increase the density of your eyebrows. Besides, it helps to give you a facial look of your dream.

Among the benefits of the FUE technique is that it doesn’t result in a linear scar and only requires a shorter downtime. But the process of extraction takes longer, and shorter hair affects the quality of the transplant.

Follicular unit transplant is another option you may pick for an eyebrow transplant. Your surgeon removes a strip of skin with hair follicles from a part of your body with good hair. Hair follicles from that strip are extracted and transplanted in your eyebrow area. 

Using excision to extract hair follicles makes the FUT technique of eyebrow transplant procedure faster. The hair extracted through FUT is long and eases the transplant process. But you’ll have a linear scar after surgery, and recovery time takes longer compared to the FUE procedure.

Eyebrow transplant cost

The amount of money you may pay for eyebrow transplant surgery isn’t fixed but varies based on several factors. These include the experience of your surgeon, location, and the number of grafts your eyebrow requires to have the facial looks you desire.

You’re going to pay about $2000-7500 for an eyebrow transplant. But that’s an average cost. Many specialists charge eyebrow transplant services based on the number of hair grafts you receive. That means you’ll pay more if you need more hair follicles.

You need to discuss with your surgeon and agree on the eyebrow transplant cost before the treatment. It helps to decide since health insurance hardly caters to such procedures. Though your insurance cover may cater for your hair transplant cost that results after an accident, they consider eyebrow transplant as a cosmetic treatment and don’t pay for it.

Ensure to seek eyebrows transplant services from an experienced provider who offers quality treatment at an affordable cost. You may also consider getting the surgery from a provider who allows flexible payment options to help you offset the cost without stress.

Besides payment options, some eyebrow transplant experts allow discounts for their services, and you should take that advantage. So, ensure adequate research on eyebrow transplant services, best providers, and cost before embarking on the treatment.

Side effects of eyebrow transplant

Though eyebrow transplant is considered among the safest treatments, there are risks linked to it. But you can eliminate the chances of having adverse side effects you are seeking services from an experienced surgeon. You should also take much-required care after the transplant procedure.

Here are some of the risks to keep watch on

  • Excessive bleeding may occur
  • Hair pulling mental disorder
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Loss of hair in the transplant area
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Infection attacks
  • Discomfort during and immediately after treatment.
  • A linear scar is common if you undergo the FUT technique of eyebrow transplant.


Eyebrow transplant is the best procedure to reshape and fill in your brow. You need to seek surgery from a reputable service provider for quality treatment and reduced adverse side effects. Once you visit your doctor, be open about your health status and discuss the whole treatment process, including cost.

 You’re a good candidate for eyebrow transplant if you’ve thinner arches due to trauma, hereditary factors, or even medical conditions. Losing eyebrow hair affects your facial looks and may result in reduced confidence and esteem. But you shouldn’t bear all that since an eyebrow transplant offers a permanent solution.