If you commence or respond to parenting proceedings, you will be required to file a Notice of Child AbuseFamily Violence, or risk, an Application or Response will not be accepted for filing without the notice.

This document alerts the Court to possible risks to the child or children or even the parties themselves involved in the litigation. The most prevalent risks are often categorized as neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, exposure to family violence, mental health issues, sexual abuse, or substance issues.

It is therefore important that you complete this form honestly and accurately so that protections can be made by the Court in advancing the parenting matter including incorporating safety measures and obtaining independent reports such as a family report.

The form is very lengthy with explanations to assist parties with its completion. Please see Federal circuit-court govt. website

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Article Source: Family Violence – https://jamesnoblelaw.com.au/child-abuse-family-violence-parenting-proceedings/