It will no longer be an exaggeration if we name Jodhpur as ‘land of festivals’. The royal culture and wealthy lifestyle of Jodhpur have proficient this land with numerous colourful gala’s. As human beings of Jodhpur are proud of their ancestry and are usually keen to keep that spirit of their subculture, every competition is well known right here with all its dignity. They put on colourful get dressed and adorns, get collectively, sing and song collectively, make and consume delicious cuisines and proportion their love and happiness in the course of the occasions of those gala’s. The thrilling component is that most of the months in a yr skip thru a festival in Jodhpur. So, individuals who travel to Jodhpur in any time may be witnessed to at least one pageant. To reach Jodhpur you can hire a taxi rental in Jodhpur from Jodhpur Railway Station or Jodhpur airport.

Popular Fairs and Festivals in Jodhpur

Rajasthan’s International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival, which is held in Jodhpur, draws many satisfactory kite flyers of India. Even although kite pageant is a especially new occasion, it finished popularity fast. The festival can generate a variety of exhilaration and so people even from different parts of the arena take part on this pageant. Kite competition begins on January 14 (Makar Sankranthi day) and lasts 3 days. Polo floor of Jodhpur is the venue of the fair. It is actually wonderful to look that the sky is packed with lots of colourful kites launched by way of locals, faculty youngsters, Air Force and individuals within the competitions. Contestants have to work hard to maintain their kites aloft within the sky. They additionally try to disable the kites of their warring parties.

Nagaur Fair

Jodhpur’s Nagaur truthful is the second one largest fair of India. This pageant, which is also called as Cattle Fair, is held for the duration of the period between late January and early February. It is stated that around 70,000 animals such as camels, bulls and horses are traded in this competition. The animals are adorned colourfully and the owners of them themselves wear vibrant get dressed to grab the eye of humans and therefore decorate their threat of trading. You also can see the Mirchi chilli bazaar during Nagaur honest. There could be special markets for wooden, iron and camel leather objects. People also interact in numerous sports activities like bull and camel races, tugs-of-war and cock-fighting and many others. Jugglers, puppeteers,folks musicians and storytellers are the opposite sights of Nagaur honest.


Holi commonly comes all through the month of March. It is one of the maximum famous festivals of Rajasthan and it lasts more than days. A witch effigy is burned on the primary night that is referred to as as Holika. This ritual indicates the beginning of a brand new yr after the give up of the wintry weather. Splashing buddies and passers with brilliantly colored water and powders is the main birthday celebration of Holi. It is hung on the second one day.


Gangaur festival is specially celebrated by using ladies, as it is dedicated to goddess Parvati. While married ladies pray for the fulfilment of cloth happiness to the goddess, the unmarried women do offerings with a wish of getting the fine viable husbands for the duration of this competition. Gangaur pageant is generally held following Holi and it lasts for 15 days. Procession through the Jodhpur streets carrying a wood photo of the goddess is the primary ritual of the Gangaur festival. As an indication of their happy married existence, the women decorate their arms and soles of toes with henna or mehandi in the nighttime. This is referred to as ‘sohaag’.

Nav Sati

Nav Sati is an vital competition held at ban Ganga in Jodhpur from late March to early April. Sacrificing the life inside the funeral pyre of the husbands is an historic Indian custom called Sati. The pageant Nav Sati is organized inside the memory of 9 widows who did Sati years earlier than. Thousands of human beings participate in this competition. They bathe within the Banganga river after which attend the truthful. The competition will become colourful with the dancing and making a song of people gathered consistent with the beat of drums.

Veerpuri Fair

Veerpuri Fair is well known in the reminiscence of heroes from specific components of Rajasthan. The truthful is held at the cute garden in Mandore on the final Monday of Shravan. The day typically takes place in the past due July or early August. The gallery within the Mandore has a corridor referred to as the ‘Hall of Heroes’, where the imges of the heroes are positioned. Lots of human beings attend the fair to provide cash and sweets to the pictures of gods like Bhairav, Ganesh and Chamunda.

Nag Panchami Fair

Nag Panchami Fair is well known on Bhadtpada Budi Panchami that takes place among August and September. People from throughout the area take part in this honest. The legend in the back of the honest is that the Serpent King appears in the form of a cobra or naga (mythical serpent). So many snake charmers include their cobras. People, mainly women worship them. You can also see big representations of the legendary serpent are displayed anywhere during this honest.

Marwar pageant

Marwar competition, which is originally called maand Festival, is the maximum popular competition of Jodhpur. It is held inside the Hindu month of Aswhin for the duration of the Sharad Poornima full moon that happens in past due September or early October. The festival lasts for 2 days. Music and dance are the highlights of the Marwar pageant. People sing the people music that stems from the romantic past of Rajasthan rulers. These track and dance performances take us to the days of Rajasthan’s superb past. The traditionally huge monuments just like the Mehrangarh Fort, Mandore and the Umaid Bhawan Palace are the venues of the Marwar Festival. You can also see a camel tattoo and polo competition here because of the special capabilities of the truthful.


Like different locations in India, Jodhpur also celebrates Diwali colourfully. This is the birthday party of Lord Shiva’s return home after being in exile for 14 years. People also worship the goddess of wealth – Lakshmi at some stage in Diwali. It normally takes place in past due October or early November. The whole town is decorated with masses of oil lamps. The hearth-works add more charms to the competition.

How to Reach:

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