Dressing up has always been fun, be it for kids or adults. Our costume party starts when we are kids and have to Fancy Dress up for Halloween or are invited to attend someone’s birthday party. This tradition continues till we are an adult. Even though we may not be totally into it, but spending time with family and dressing up, always ends up in some quality time spent together. Since we all have been through the stage of dressing up as kids, we know how important it becomes for them to not only get their choice of dress but also feel the character they are dressed up as.

In this blog, we will help you with certain ideas that will help you with your Kid’s Costume and make the entire experience fun for both of you.


  1. The Retro: Certain classics will never go out of trend. Even though we may presume that retro is more of a theme for adults rather than kids, but to be honest, the 90s has left us with so many options that even kids have plenty of options to choose from. Every kid’s favourite Teletubbies was a product of the 90s and they will enjoy nothing more than dressing up as one of the four. The Spice Girls is one of those bands that inspired every little girl back in the day and is a perfect outfit for a retro theme party.
  2. Baby outfits: If you have a toddler, you can dress them up as a baby animal. Be it Simba from the Lion King or an adorable looking monkey, you can dress them up as any baby animal and they are sure to steal the show. And the list is not only limited to baby animals, you can also choose to dress them up in a fruit costume. Be it an avocado or a pear, everyone’s eye will be set on your little bundle of joy.
  3. Family costumes: There is nothing more adorable than dressing the entire family under a single theme. There are so many family options that your family can choose from and dress up each different yet the same. Be it dressing up as the Incredibles or Ghostbusters, you can choose any theme that suits your family and is the kid’s favourite.
  4. Superheroes: There is always unity among the family when it comes to choosing a superhero universe. Be it Marvel or DC, you can utilize this opportunity to not only enlighten your kids of this universe but also live your dream of acting like one of your favourite heroes.