Food delivery business is nothing but starting an online business with a food delivery platform and reaching or developing their business at global business. You can create your own unique script or you can buy your script from other companies. That is called business-to-business or B2B.


I recommend business-to-business is the best way to start your online business. Because they did many technical tests and create the best and unique application compared to the others. 


For example: The UberEats clone business is offered by many companies. You can easily get your scripts from them.



  • In 2020, the Online food ordering software segment gets revenue is US 9,207 million dollars.
  • The restaurant-to-customer delivery segment gets revenue is US 4,934 million dollars in 2020.
  • 34% of the users spend at any rate $50 per request in the UberEats clone app for ordering food.
  • Restaurant online ordering system turns into $38 billion by 2020.
  • Chinese users generate more profit.
  • The US food delivery segment reached $26,527 million in 2020.
  • 26% of US customers order up to $25 worth of food.
  • 12% of US customers order up to $75 worth of food.
  • 47% of US customers directly call the restaurant partners and order their food.
  • UberEats was the fastest average delivery time of 35minutes 31 seconds.
  • In the US food delivery partner get a revenue yearly salary of $29,845.


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