We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding faux fur fashion. Worn by people everywhere, it’s not about to lose its shine anytime soon. Especially with Ultamodan launching so many best faux fur coat for us to wrap up in.

Very well, I hear you say, but where did this buzz come from anyway?

A Short History on Faux Fur Fashion

If I told you fur was worn by Ancient Egyptian royalty as a symbol of power, you’d probably think I’m having you on. The truth is, fur was viewed as a symbol of power and confidence throughout history; draping itself over the shoulders of elite classes as they evolve.

So why do we wear it now?

Well during the mid-70s (during the rise of the flower children) the fur coat was quickly viewed as a symbol of animal cruelty, and no longer as a commodity that was so valuable to own by many people.

So… the faux fur coat was born.

Despite this, the faux fur coat wasn’t developed for animal rights activists. It was actually made so that lower classes could own a piece of clothing that made them feel powerful like the upper class. It was also costing a fair bit of money to produce so many natural fur coats on the regular.

Now faux fur coats are embraced for their powerful impact on femininity and their inclusion of lower and middle class wearers. Fur is no longer something that you need millions for to own.

Yeah, But Why Buy One Now?

Faux fur coats are an everyday item (don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.)

Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are as practical as they are stylish. Not every coat allows you to look like you’re walking down the red carpet when you’re actually just going to get milk.

Not to mention that Ultamodan’s faux fur coats often feature inside AND outside pockets so you don’t even need to bring a bag with you to finish the look. Your faux fur coat is the bag. As if you need another reason to buy one, am I right?

You’ll be turning heads before you know it. It’s never been easier to transform yourself into the elite class of your street.

Why Ultamodan?

One look at their website will show you just how large their range of faux fur coats is.

The vast variety of colours, textures, sizes and styles will surely have you head over heels for the faux fur fashion trend, and no doubt filling up your cart so fast you’ll forget what it looked like when it was empty.

I mean… don’t we all want to be as powerful as this woman?

Now, I want to share with you just one of the reasons why I, personally, was attracted to Ultamodan as a company.

Ultamodan actually donates to survivors of domestic violence.

When we consider the history of faux fur, and how important it was to the elite classes of Ancient Egypt and the flower children of the 70s, it’s vital to remember what real power looks like.

Speaking up for justice and human rights.

(All while wearing a badass coat that makes you feel like a modern day Cruella Deville.)


Everyone needs at least one faux fur coat. It’s a statement piece that never goes out of style, and not to mention literally makes you a symbol of power and confidence (backed by historical evidence!)

Ultamodan has never had a bigger range of faux fur coats than they do now, so why wait? If supporting survivors of domestic abuse and feeling like the elite class isn’t enough, did I mention they’re all on sale?

Now go get your elite on.

Original Source: https://www.beautynfashionblog.com/ultamodan-faux-fur-coats/