Lifestyle bloggers are known among millions of people around the world. They share and inspire their followers by their blogs on different topics including home, decorations, travel, food, fashion and beauty.

By sharing their daily blog posts they prove their authenticity and truthfulness to the audience.

People get to know a lot of tips and tricks through these bloggers.

We have compiled a list of lifestyle bloggers who will inspire you.

1.Sincerely Jules

Julie Sarinana is a Californian blogger. She is best known for her lifestyle blogs. She has travelled over 13 countries and shares her travel journey and tips with million of her fans.

2.Christine Andrew

Christine Andrew owns her blog Hello Fashion started in 2011. Her content includes heartwarming family photos, travels and stylish fashion. She is a highly active and influencing blogger.


Zoesug is having her own YouTube channel named “Zoella”. Her YouTube content is related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her success with lifestyle blogs has led her to create her range of beauty products. She has a family of 10.8 Million followers. Due to her hard work, YouTube has launched her as one of the top lifestyle bloggers.

4.Do You Travel

Jack Morris is a famous English Instagrammer. He is one of the top travel influencers. He left his daily 9-5 job and started working on social media. He is working with many brands like Tiffany BreathbyDre and Co-American express. His feed is filled with his stunning images and his travel stories. He has 2.5 Million followers on Instagram.

.The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evart is the influencer whose content is about style, fitness and food blogs. She is into a lot of things like she has launched a book, YouTube channel, podcast series and her apps.

She has a family of 940K followers on Instagram.

6.A Beautiful Mess

This page is created by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. A Beautiful Mess shared DIY home decors, beauty tips, yummy recipes, influencing stories about life Larson and Chapman also released a book and their apps.

7.Emily Schuman

After working for Condé Nast Publications. Emily Schuman launched her blog which became very popular. Emily has her line of clothing at Nordstrom. She is also a published author. She has a family of  550K followers.

8.Love Taza

Naomi Davis also known as Taza is a creator of the popular lifestyle and family blog Love Taza. Naomi documents her family adventures, outfits and activities. Naomi celebrates motherhood, travel, good food, and life’s simple joy in her blogs.

9.Merium Pervaiz

Merium Pervaiz is a multitalented Pakistani blogger. She has her  YouTube channel. She is an extremely talented YouTube and Instagram Instagram influencer with 1.1 Million followers. She is very determined about her work. Her content includes make-up tutorials, self tested DIYs, food recipes, skincare. Her gentle and kind personality has made everyone love her.