Document security is an essential component of business operations, especially if it handles a substantial amount of sensitive information. This is where a paper shredder machine comes in. It is a worthwhile office investment if you handle credit and debit card statements, financial transactions, security printouts, and other similar documents. However, because of the wide array of options that are available, finding the right one can be a challenge. The good news is that this can be simplified with the tips and pointers in this write up. Read on for details. 

Paper size

It is safe to say that your decision to buy a paper shredder machine starts with paper size. So, you need to determine the paper size that you are going to shred on a regular basis. For reference, most offices utilize letter-sized sheets, but there are instances where payslips as well as tax documents are printed out on wider square sheets. With these things in mind, it is best to make an assessment of the paper sizes that you are shredding. Yes. You may save money on a smaller shredder, but the extra work may take its toll on operations. So, determine if the latter is worth the risk or otherwise. 

Cut type

If you think that all paper shredder machine for office use slice paper documents into vertical lines, then you are mistaken. Some strip-cut models deliver long as well as straight cuts, while cross cut units shred papers into miniature chunks. But if you want to make sure that the sensitive information that you handle won’t be compromised in any way, it is best to go for micro-cut models that deliver high-security shredding since they reduce paper to particles, rather than chunks. 

Noise Levels

In general, paper shredders are innately noisy and your employees may be distracted with the sounds that they make. If this is the case, it is best to go for noise-controlled units that are a lot pricier. If you opt for cheaper ones, expect annoying sounds when in operation. There’s just no work around for this. 

Power consumption

When doing business, every bit of savings count, especially if you want to tap the full potential of your business, profit-wise. So, when buying a paper shredder machine for office use, consider how much power it is going to consume, especially when used extensively. As straightforward as it may seem, this can go a long way when it comes to making the most of your operations and your earnings. 


Just because you are buying a paper shredder means that you are going to buy something that is packed with cutting-edge features such as plastic shredding, anti-jam technology, and pull out bins, among others. You may not need all of them and in the end, you may end up shelling out money for something that you do not need. 

Summing up

Paper shredders are something that you don’t buy on a regular basis and because there are so many options to choose from, buying the right paper shredder machine for office use can be overwhelming. Hopefully, the tips and pointers in this write up can help you in your purchase.