The first house is our ascendant sign, or Lagna Rashi, in the Janam kundali. A sign becomes ascendant when it is present on the horizon or where the Sun rises at the time of the person’s birth.

Our first house signifies our personality, looks, temperament, and strength. That is why it is considered one of the most important houses in the horoscope. Therefore, when one gets to know about their first house, they can have their personality revealed.

In Vedic Astrology, the first house is also known as Tanu Bhava. As it is the first house, it denotes the beginning of many things and new cycles.

Understanding First House

Our Janam kundali has 12 segments or parts; these parts are called houses. Hence 12 houses cover aspects of life such as career, personal life, health, finances, marriage, and more.

Different planets and zodiac signs rule all these twelve houses. The positioning of the planets and signs differ in every individual’s horoscope. It is said that an individual receives particular positioning of planets and signs in his 12 houses as per his karma in the past lifetime.

The first house represents the head and upper part of the face; the house gives us in-depth information about one’s personality and character. The first house affects a person’s zeal, energy, health, and welfare. It also indicates the life path one should follow and signifies one’s passion. This is the house that gives information about how a person perceives the world.

Effects of the First house in Life

If the first house occupies the suitable planets, nothing can stop the individual from aching great things. However, if the planets residing are malefic, it hardly lets an individual grow.

For example, if the Sun resides in the first house and is strong, it gives auspicious results to the native. The person earns name, fame, wealth, and status. Such a person also excels in leadership and always enjoys wellness.

However, when the Sun is malefic, it affects oppositely. It leads the native to unpopularity, and some of the other problems always surround him. It also affects one’s job and wealth sources by creating several hindrances.

Vedic astrology says that the first house also represents the condition of a country and the people living within it. Therefore, it impacts a person’s ambition and determines his achievements.

The first house in Janam kundali defines how a person would present himself to the world and how people would perceive him. Hence it can be said that the first house is like a mirror to a person’s personality. The first house helps astrologers significantly to predict the native’s overall existence and future as well.

Similarly, Moon is in the 1st house and a strong position, giving rise and fame to the individual. The native enjoys a balanced approach toward life and every aspect. A weak Moon leads to unexpected problems, fragile mental balance, and distress in life.

Those who want to know their first house consult a professional astrologer and uncover the unknown.