The fitness industry is on the cards in recent times. You will easily find one fitness freak in almost every single house these days. The young generation is proactively participating in this health and fitness trend. So, taking part in this wellness trend by creating a business out of it is a good idea. If you are planning to set up a gym or fitness studio of your own, then the first thing that might overwhelm you would be what sort of gym equipment you should include in your gym? This confusion is quite normal as there is a huge range of options in this segment and the latest gadgets getting launched after every six months add more to this confusion.

So, to simplify your task, we have narrowed down a list of basic gym equipment that you can place in your gym or studio. These set of equipment are suitable for people from all age groups – be it beginners, seasoned athletes or senior adults. 

GYM Equipment


The very first goal for which most people hit the gym is to lose some pounds. Well, to help them achieve their weight loss goals, you need to invest in a good treadmill. This is the first choice for those who are beginning with their exercise regime. It would be a smart choice to invest in one treadmill rather than several machines if you are tight on budget. Make sure the treadmill offers varying levels of inclines, speeds and also monitoring of heart rate.

Dumbbell Set

This is one of that gym equipment that is used by people of all age groups – be it beginners, seasoned sportsperson or senior adults. While making a purchase, make sure to include dumbbell sets ranging from light to heavy, so that it is able to fulfil requirements of everybody. These days you will find dumbbells in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. You can choose plastic-coated ones or metallic ones as per your choice along with rack.

Barbell Set

This is quite obvious that athletes or other serious fitness freaks are also going to hit your gym for heavy strength training. So, you need to include barbell set that will help them tone their body with heavyweight training. You can include either the Olympic barbell set that comes with a squat rack, bench press rack and removable plates or fixed set of barbells along with storage rack. Beginners and seniors also love to use these barbell sets for strength training and increase their bone density, respectively.

Fixed Bicycle

If you are not planning to keep a treadmill, then do include a stationary bicycle. This is one of the best ways to enhance cardiovascular endurance. You must have seen athletes always include cycling in their fitness routine because it helps to elevate their heart rate without putting much impact on it. So, this is a must-have for every gym.

Training Bench

This is one of that basic gym equipment that you will easily find in every gym. Having a training bench in your gym will solve a variety of purposes; it will be used by beginners, athletes and seniors as well. Beginners and athletes will use this training bench for weight training exercises and even for sit-ups. So, you need to buy at least two or three for your gym. Also, make sure to buy the one that has sturdy construction with adjustable features so that you can move the backrest from a flat position to incline when needed.

So, these are the basic gym equipment that every fitness studio must have. You can begin with these, and then gradually keep on adding new equipment depending on what age group mostly hits your gym. This will help you save your money on buying unnecessary equipment for your gym.