Eateries today are synonymous with cozy and tasty fine dining. Gone are the days of dining in basic brick-walled rooms with a constant stream of people rushing about to satisfy their hunger pangs. Consumers today do not just want more; they want better. They want surprises. Consumers are always eager to try new things, new cuisines, new places, and themes. This inherent craving for novelty leads to innovations and enhancements. And Delhi is a place well-known for its ubiquitous street food, appetizing taste, and flavor of the local cuisine. There is an eatery selling a bouquet of tasty food in almost every corner of Delhi. 

Themed cafes and eateries 

In due course of time and in keeping with the changing needs, eateries have been given a makeover in appearance and ambiance to enhance fine dining. An interesting and remarkable development is the foray of themed cafes and eateries. Themed cafes are built over a central theme and based on which the menus, appearance, and ambiance are designed. Listed below are five themed eateries and cafe in Delhi that you just cannot miss. 

  • The Hogwarts Café – This cafe is a visual and gastronomic treat for all Potter fans. Replete with Sirius sandwiches, Bellatrix burgers, and many more, the Hogwarts Cafe is a must-visit if you are in the city. 
  • What a Comic Show – Just as the name suggests, the cafe has comics as its central theme. Interiors are stacked with comic books and wallpapers exuding a feeling of being a part of a spider-man saga or a Marvel action sequence.
  • Tabula Beach Cafe – With a serene al fresco seating lined with areca palms, this cafe exudes an island party atmosphere replete with live music and DJs. 
  • The Junkyard Cafe – Decorated with ghetto-inspired scraps like old tires, pipes, oil tins, and air conditioner filters, this cafe has a rustic appeal to it. With graveyard cocktails and junkyard pop-up shots, this place is a must-visit for the explorers and foodies. Located in Select Citywalk mall in Saket, this is an ideal place to relax from all the shopping in the colossal shopping mall. Select City Walk also has numerous other cafes that boast great food, aesthetic ambiance, and light music. This place is a must-visit in Delhi among its numerous other attractions.  
  • The Westeros – A hip and trendy Game of Thrones-based cafe is the favorite hangout spot for all the Game of Thrones fans. 

A trip to Delhi would mean trying its street food, visiting the attractions, and street shopping from its famous markets.  While at it, do try these themed cafes to make the trip more interesting and satisfying.