Facebook App not responding on iPhone is a very common problem that many users are facing nowadays. Facebook App not responding on iPhone is the biggest Facebook issue for iPhone users these days. So how to fix Facebook App not working on iPhone? This article will provide you detailed information about the problem and solution on fixing it. If you have faced the problem, then this article can help you overcome it.

Before describing the problem, let us define what is Facebook App and how it works on your system. Facebook App is a Facebook client and an interface for Facebook applications written in C++ using QT. Facebook App not responding on iPhone occurs when there is any error in the Facebook setup or in the Facebook App. There are two types of errors that cause Facebook App not responding on iPhone: first is error in Facebook server and second is issue with Facebook Application itself. If the server error is not fixed, the Facebook client itself may be corrupted or damaged and Facebook application will not work properly.

Fix Facebook App Not Working Issues on iPhone

So to start fixing the Facebook App not responding on iPhone, you must fix the Facebook server first. One of the first things to check is Facebook server log for error messages. If you see any messages, do not panic because it means that the server is working fine. If there are no errors in server log then the problem may occur with Facebook application itself. Check your Facebook application to see whether there is any problem in its settings or not. If there is, then try to repair those problems.

If Facebook App not responding on iPhone is caused by problems in other parts of system, you can also try to repair those issues. For example, if Facebook is not working properly then probably your PC is not compatible with Facebook program and that might be the reason for Facebook not responding on iPhone. So you must update your system and also install the latest version of Microsoft windows to fix those problems.

If the server problem is still not resolved then the only option left for you is to connect the iPhone to iTunes and sync everything again. But this may not be a good option because it may cause additional problems to your iPod Touch. It is better to remove Facebook from iPod Touch and have it repaired by expert. You may get more detailed information about the problem on internet.

However, if your Facebook not responding on iPhone is due to hardware problem, then there is no need to panic. There are many reasons for this problem. The hardware has defects and it needs to be replaced. However, if you are not aware of procedure of replacement, do not attempt to replace the unit yourself. Better contact Apple support and let them guide you through process.