In this crazily sane world, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the maximum numbers of individuals are precisely clueless where their property boundaries lie, resulting in property boundary disputes! As a matter of fact, even if the surveys had taken place sometime in the past, chances are they might have got lost, particularly when the property has changed hands.

Without any denial, the significance of a property line survey pops up in certain circumstances. For instance, when a neighbour lodge complaints regarding the property that you own, especially when you do not agree that it’s “their” property. Or when you have planned to start new construction on your land and looking to ensure that it doesn’t breach any boundary issues or any other laws. Therefore, to avoid property boundary disputes, it would be a brainer to hire a property line surveyor.

We have enlisted in some situations where investing in a professional land surveyor makes sense.

The Situations Are-


  1. Building: On the off chance, if you are planning to start new construction on any site, then it is highly recommended to not begin with any construction work until or unless the property land gets surveyed. This is because there are some legal needs in some particular areas that mandate the property to maintain a precise distance between, let’s say a garage and the property line. In addition to this, there are also some parts of the land that are pre-reserved for the utilization of neighbourhood associations or utilities. That means, on that particular portion, the property owner can still not build permanent structures.


  1. Land Purchase or Sale: There are plenty of mortgage organizations that will need a land survey prior to authorizing any funding. On the off chance, if they don’t, it’s still advised to get one on your own. This is because the official or legal survey offers benefits to the both-the buyer as well as the seller. And, it also helps in avoiding last-minute property boundary disputes and possibly a nullified contract.


  1. Boundary Disputes: Doubtlessly, most of the disagreements emerge between neighbours over where the legal property boundary line lies. Who should eliminate the fossils? Why did neighbours complain that my garden is lying on his property? Why do I have to remove the shed for a power company? These issues can only be resolved by taking the help of a professional land survey.


  1. Borderline Structures: In case, if you or your neighbour is planning to build a fence or want to construct a wall along the property line, a land surveyor can help in determining where to construct the same.


All in all, if you are also planning to purchase or looking to sell your property or constructing a new structure then, hiring a professional land surveyor would be a great move. The reason behind this is they are the ones who can save your time, energy as well as money by preventing you from property boundary disputes. So, don’t think much, hire one!