People admire the designs of interiors, which always trigger the desire and need to buy the product. Only a right interior tool or software will bring you those aspired designs. 

The most important factor while designing your interiors is, we should make a high quality photorealistic image. If you fail to do that, we are in deep trouble. There are only a few software which will bring you those photorealistic images.  

The 3D Images are important to show your design to customers. Some of them are 3D View of Floor plan, Layouts and designs. 

Let’s talk about what Architects Software are 

ID Softwares computer aided software which are developed solely for Architects, Designers and sometimes DIY Home owners. The important functionality of Architect software are 3D & 2D Designs. Which provides you the 360 degree view of the entire concept.

So here are the famous architect software available online.

Foyr Neo Architect Software:

This software is the most loved software for interior designers and architects. Even a beginner can learn it quickly and start the designing work immediately. According to the interface the Foyr Neo is comparably simpler than other software. 


Easy to Use : Even without CAD Experience, the designer can work with beginner knowledge. We have found students, homeowners used to design their home interiors with foyr neo softwares.
Pricing: Foyr Neo pricing is low when we compare with other architect softwares. Though it has powerful features they provide a highest value proposition and some of the added features are in the built library. They have more than 50,000 3d Rendering models. The performance of the software is very fast and uncrashable. Their user-friendly tools are very sophisticated. I personally recommend Foyr Neo for your interior designing concepts.

SketchUp Architect Software

If you are a professional, definitely you will be aware of the software name sketch up. Most of the professional interior designers in chennai use this software for 3D Designs. 

Only a trained professional can use sketchup software. People like architects, interior designing professionals know the functionalities. Because the tools are very complicated when we compare them with other softwares. Some of the other features are home design, 3D visualization, Planning and layout. 

This software has both Free and Premium Versions. If you need all functionality, you must choose the premium versions of this software.


This software is not meant for beginners, it’s completely for the professional people who are expert designers and architects. Newbies cannot work in sketchup. Sketchup provides you more plugins. So you need not to worry about any complicated design or layouts.
Pricing: Sketchup is a little bit costlier than other software. It doesn’t matter about the pricing, because you get extraordinary software with high functionality. The only drawback is sketchup cannot be used by homeowners or beginners. 

Maya Architect Software:

Maya is more advanced software, mostly it is used to create video games and animation. Since its advanced tool, designers can create visual tours for their clients. Maya is created by Autodesk. Who are pioneers in making designing software and they have high command in that domain.

You can do 3D Visualization Model and Virtual Tour, 3D rendering and Simulation is possible with Maya software. 

The most important features of Maya software are Photorealistic images in designs and layout. 

Key Features: 

  • This software is easy to use and beginners will feel a little bit hard about its functionality.
  • Once practiced it’s easy for anyone to do the design. I would personally recommend maya if you have knowledge in CAD and CAM experience.
  • Though it provides you with photorealistic images, most of the interior designers don’t use maya because it doesn’t have more important functionality.

AutoCAD Architect Software:

Autocad is the most lovable and architects favourite software across the globe. AutoCAD is created by Autodesk. This technology company does have another designing software, which is called Maya.

AutoCad is the Architect software which allows you to create 2D and 3D Rendering. And it is mostly popular in Designing and architect domains. The graphics are very fantastic, when we compare them with other softwares. 

The other feature is, AutoCAD is very good in making video games and for interiors.


  • Comparably this software is a little bit costlier than other software because it provides you extraordinary graphics. 
  • Only few use AutoCAD, homeowners, architects and real estate people found that the design is not user friendly. 
  • Though it is used by fewer people, the outcome of the designing part is very impressive.

Blender Architect Software:

Blender is a multipurpose design software, we have seen many cinema tech teams use blender for their films. Blender can also be used by many interior designers. Interior designers, architects and top real estate professionals use blender to satisfy their clients. 

Blender provides you photorealistic animation, 3D and 2D Rendering and showcases realtime design effects.


Blender is one of the oldest software in this list which was launched 25 years ago. At the same time blender is open source Architect software which is free to use. And if you want advanced features like ADDon functionality tools, professional effect library then you must choose a premium version. 

Most of the interior designers don’t use blender because the features are very limited and it’s not advanced. And people use this software for adding effects. Because of this advanced feature this software has become very popular. 

HomeByme Architect Software:

This software is very fun to use and it is completely for beginners and homeowners. If you want to implement your designing ideas for your home interiors definitely this software is meant for you. We are very much comfortable with homebyme software. 

You get Photorealistic and 3D Rendering from Homebyme. Most of the beginners or home owners use this Architect software to create some realistic furniture setup, wall decoration and other decorative purposes. 


  • With the help of a free version, we can only create 3 Projects. This is more than enough for homeowners who are just practicing using the software for personal use. Professional people or multiprojects, you must choose a subscription model. 
  • HomeByme software is easy to use but they are a little bit more expensive than other available softwares. 
  • The Overall performance of this software is really great for small projects and designs. Though the software works great, it didn’t have advanced features like other software. Most of the interior designers and architects don’t use this Architect software.


We are living in the digital world, so the architects, designers and real estate people expect high tech designing softwares to impress their customers. In Recent times, artificial intelligence is taking an advanced part. The automation of tool functionality is becoming very advanced.