There was once a great looking and highly functional bathtub known as the freestanding bathtub. For many, these were some of the best-looking tubs, but their biggest feature was the depth and length of the tub. You can relax in the middle of this tub regardless of your height. 

More and more these great tubs are making their way back into the mainstream. They were often made of essentially cheap, built-in, shower/bathtub combinations such as fiberglass and plastic versus porcelain such as freestanding bathtubs. Anyone who has taken a bath in one of the standard-sized fiberglass tubs, has bathed in a variety of freestanding porcelain, will tell you how it feels, and there is a distinct difference in the quality of your space. These tubs are often very deep giving you a full-body bath.


Freestanding bathtubs, although often made of porcelain, actually come in a variety of materials, from cast iron to wood, to acrylic and even granite. These days you can get them for many more man-made materials as well as for their theme and taste. Finding the right tub will be one thing you need. You can get in many different sizes and even sizes. The classic oval shape is just a choice. Many designers have also trimmed you on these tubes. One thing about freestanding bathtubs is that they symbolize elegance.


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