Want to pursue medical-related courses after your 12th class exam? Being a doctor is not only the option to make a successful career in this field. There are numerous courses and career options available in the healthcare industry. BSc Medical Lab Technology is one such course that offers a number of career opportunities to the students. While most of the fields are seeing a rapid fall in the number of job opportunities available, this field is growing very fast and expected to see a projected increase of 18% by 2024.

Why medical lab technology?

The medical treatment for any kind of disease usually starts only after the diagnosis. Doctors need various analyses through different tests and based on these test results, they treat and give advice to patients for its prevention. And, this is where the role of medical lab technicians comes into the picture. The lab technicians take blood samples and, then perform various diagnostics tests by analyzing body fluids like saliva, urine, blood, tissues, chemical analyses, and more.

With the help of these tests, they determine the presence or absence of any disease. They provide the exact data to evaluate the effectiveness of any kind of treatment. The well-qualified medical lab technician must be extremely precise and disciplined in their job role. They should be proficient in managing that dedicated medical equipment. The medical lab technician job requires its practitioners to be logical and precise when it comes to medical, science, and technology.  They should be capable of using the computer and other digital equipment along with the understanding of the new and latest technologies.

Pursuing a BSc Lab technician course from a reputed institute prepares candidates to perform laboratory testing manually with the help of high-end lab equipment. Their role is to collect samples, organizing specimens, and then operate a machine that analyzes samples.

Career prospects

There are numerous fields that offer amazing job opportunities for medical lab technicians. Some of the common fields to work with are blood banking, immunology, haematology, analysis of blood and urine, etc. Some of the common and fruitful job roles available for lab technicians are:

  • Lab technologist
  • Lab supervisor
  • Lab analyst
  • X-ray technician
  • Renal dialysis technician
  • CT scan technicians
  • MRI technicians
  • Pathology technician
  • Radiology technician
  • Operation theatre technician

Pursuing a BSc lab technician course from a reputed institute helps students to get job roles in hospitals, pathology labs, research labs, and several other sectors. Apart from this, students may go for higher studies in the same field after an undergraduate course. A career in this field is very satisfying and challenging. Each day they learn something new and very interesting.

Depending on your course and qualification, the medical lab technicians may work as technicians at medical laboratories.  Medical lab technicians may find jobs in research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, universities, military, crime laboratories, and more. A career in medical lab technology is quite satisfying. Choosing the right institute and course is important to make a successful career ahead. Visit the website of colleges offering the best courses in lab technology. This job role is highly demanded in India as well as abroad.