Men are not normally thought of as having a fashion gene but the perception is totally different when it comes to men’s wood watches. These watches have been specially designed to suit men’s needs and hence there is a huge demand for these. The men’s wood look draws a lot of attention naturally. It can be in the form of wearing it casually around your neck or you could even go for the full-on chunky type that will draw all attention in your direction. Regardless of the look you choose, these watches are meant to bring that perfect finishing touch and will always exude class.

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These watches are available in various types of leather straps as well. However, if you are looking for a more formal or dressy type of watch then you should opt for steel or metal straps. Steel makes for a strong watch and also looks great with a nice jacket or overcoat. The leather straps on the other hand allow for some flexibility as you can easily flaunt it with a casual outfit.

Another important thing to consider when choosing men’s to watch is that they are waterproof. This is a must for men who are fond of going on camping trips, hiking trips, and so on. You would never want to risk getting your watch wet so water resistance is definitely something that you must look for. Most of these watches are generally water-resistant up to a certain depth, but the depth can vary depending on the material the watch is made up of. The water-resistant feature also gives better longevity to the watch and you do not have to worry about changing it often.

The style of the watch is also another major thing that you should take into consideration. Today, there is a wide variety of designs that men can choose from. There are those that come with simple rectangular or square-shaped dials. On the other hand, there are ones that come with circular dials. The shape of the dial really depends on personal preference. Whatever your choice is though, you can be sure that these types of watches will complement any type of attire that you have.

As previously mentioned, men’s wood watches are more expensive than those for women. If you want to save money then you can go for the cheaper versions. There are even men who prefer buying secondhand watches. In fact, many vintage stores also offer watches that have been used by celebrities.

Another advantage that you can get from men’s wood watches is that they are customizable. Yes, you can decide what color you would like your watch to be. You can also have your watch engraved. You can also choose from the various materials that are used in the manufacturing of these watches. Given all these options, men’s wood watches are definitely worth every cent.