The state of Texas is not unfamiliar with a child’s overall development. Plenty of cases involve bitter battles between parents for their children’s custody, their rights, and even the taking care of their overall development. A Fort Worth Family Law Attorney will guide you through the laws of the state. Texas Child support laws, in comparison, are different from other states across the country.

What is Child Support?

When it takes two parents to bear a child, it can never be the responsibility of a single parent to take care of the child. To support the cause, the child support law is in place to keep both parents responsible for the child. Child Support is the monetary responsibility of the parent towards the child after the divorce. It is primarily the noncustodial parent who takes up the child support costs.  Depending on each parent’s income, where the child lives, with the mother or the father, the court will distribute expenses. Parents can contact child Support Lawyers in Houston, Texas, or Fort Worth, Texas if they require support in deciding the child’s support. 

What is to be considered during a child support discussion with the lawyer?

  • Does the child support ensure a proper home for the child

The essential and most crucial part of child custody necessary is to cover the child’s home costs. So the child support money must ensure that the child has a roof over the head through regular pas.

  • Food, clothing, and developmental toys

If the child is small, the basic necessities such as food, clothing, and other toys for their all-round development. 

  • Medical Expenses

Child Support must cover the child’s medical insurance, which is very important as children are susceptible to flu and other infections. Hence the medical expenses should be covered by the parents. Medical expense is a necessary expense, and it even more expensive if the child is low on immunity, differently-abled, or suffering from a disease.

  • School Expenses 

The government usually covers school expenses such as fees for education. However, other costs such as extracurricular activities, stationery items, books, and additional fees should get covered in the child support expenses.

Accountability of Child Support Payments

In most cases, it is the custodial parent who receives the child support payment. Therefore Custodial parent should not use the amount towards any other personal expenditure of the other parent. Consequently, a  child support lawyer in Houston, Tx, can help you prepare a child support plan. Some of the essential points that a non-custodial parent can consider to keep child support accountable are as follows.

  • Make Bank transfer payments.

The parent paying for child support must keep a record of the payment. Bank transfer is an excellent way to keep proof of payment at all times. Cash payments or payments are made directly from ATMs are difficult to track and hence challenging to prove that you actually make a regular payment to your ex-spouse.

  • To keep a tab on the progress of the child.

Making a payment towards child support, but if the child is not given the basic requirements, you may fall short of effort and not responsible. Hence, as parents take care of their investments, it must be made sure that the child’s payments are put to proper use and only for the child’s benefit.

  • Seek to restructure the child support payment agreement whenever possible

You can restructure the agreement after a certain period. Sometimes, the parent with custody is not working at the time of divorce and cannot pay the child support. However, later they might work and are capable of sharing the expense for child support. 

  • Keep accountability of the well-being of the child

 Spouses divorce and within a period may remarry another partner. During such time, the biological parent needs to make sure their child is safe and not emotionally stressed. Especially if the new marriage brings in step-siblings.


Child support lawyers in Houston Tx will guide you through the other dos and don’ts of the child support process. You will receive support to complete the full documentation for the same. Both partners must prepare a schedule and child support payment plans that can be beneficial to both. There are also child support management companies that ensure all the points mentioned above are taken care of. Especially if the noncustodial parent is often traveling, a Fort Worth family law attorney will assist you with any changes in your divorce terms and support you in further decisions on the terms of child custody and child support.