QuickBooks Error 6069 gets triggered due to several reasons. The most common reason is outdated QuickBooks software. You need to regularly update your QuickBooks application to avoid several errors, bugs, and lags in the application. You need to figure out the cause of the error and implement the appropriate solution to resolve it. If you are stuck with the QuickBooks Desktop Error 6069 and looking for some simple troubleshooting methods, this article is for you. Read the complete article to know more about QuickBooks multi-user error 6069.

If you require immediate assistance with the troubleshooting, dial (844)-932-1139 to get help from a QuickBooks Professional.

Causes of Error 6069 in QuickBooks

Outdated applications can trigger several errors. You need to make sure your QuickBooks is updated to avoid unnecessary errors. The other causes of the error are listed below:

  • Incorrect configuration of AVG anti-virus.
  • Bad sectors in hard drive.
  • Company File got replaced due to the same name.
  • Faulty installation.
  • Outdated QuickBooks.


Once you know what caused the error, you can implement the solution accordingly. If you are unable to figure out the cause of the error, you can use the hit and trial method to fix it.

Solutions to QuickBooks Multi-user Error 6069

The error can get triggered due to faulty installation. You can run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostics tool to resolve the error. Other solutions to the error are listed below:

  • Add QuickBooks as an Exception in AVG Anti-virus

The error may get triggered due to anti-virus software blocking QuickBooks. You need to add QuickBooks as an exception in the AVG Anti-virus vault. The steps to set QuickBooks as an exception are listed below:

  • First, open AVG anti-virus.
  • Next, select the computer icon.
  • Then choose settings.
  • Go to the exceptions section and then click Add Exception.
  • After that, select the File option from the Exception Type drop-down.
  • Click Browse and then search the QuickBooks Program file from the QuickBooks Installation folder.
  • Finally, click the OK button two times and then select Yes.
  • Allow QuickBooks through the Firewall

Usually, when the firewall is not updated, or QuickBooks is recently updated, firewall blocks the connection between QuickBooks and the server, which causes error 6069 to get triggered. You need to allow QuickBooks through the firewall to resolve the error. The instructions to allow QuickBooks through firewall are provided below:

  • First, open AVG and select Firewall.
  • Next, open settings and then click Applications.
  • Search QuickBooks in the list of programs.
  • Change the application status of QuickBooks to Allow.
  • After that, select Create and then click the OK button two times.
  • Click yes to apply the changes.
  • Finally, open QuickBooks to check if the error is resolved.


This article explains the causes and the solutions to QuickBooks Error 6069 in simple words. The most effective solutions include creating an exception for QuickBooks in anti-virus and allowing QuickBooks through firewall. The error can sometimes get triggered due to the bad sectors of the hard drive. You can repair the bad sectors of the hard drive to resolve the error. If you are still stuck with the error, dial (844)-932-1139 and get help from a QuickBooks Expert.