Air traffic control or ATC is a service provided by the ground-based air traffic controllers that guides the pilots to ensure the safety of aircraft in the controlled air-space as well as on the ground. It provides several advisory services for non-controlled airspace as well. The main aim of the ATC is to accelerate the flow of air-traffic as well as to avoid the collision of various aircrafts.

As per study, Global ATC Consoles Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use some of the leading companies that are currently working in the global ATC console market include EIZO Global, Thinking Space Systems, Crenlo, Ehmki Schmid, Winsted, Telex Intercom Systems, Systems Interface, Guntermann & Drunck GmbH and among others. The leading players have emphasized greatly on the enhancing equipment consistency to address the minimum tolerance levels. The incorporation of an effective collision avoidance system in ATC equipment is likely to be a key focus area to counter the increased air traffic. Both manufacturers and developers upgrade the landing and navigation aids periodically for maintaining the safety as well as improve efficiency.

By type, ATC console market is segmented as communication equipment, navigation equipment and others. Communication equipment includes automatic terminal information systems, voice communication & recorder systems and Controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC). Communication equipment segment holds major share in global market owing to increase in need for replacement of obsolete equipment with new ones equipped with the enhanced digital data communication. Additionally, navigation equipment includes Distance measuring equipment (DME), Instrument landing system (ILS), VHF omni directional radio range (VOR), Runway Status Light (RWSL) and Precision approach radar (PAR). In addition, by application, market is segmented as datacom, test / measurement, air traffic control and military / defense. Military/defense segment is expected to witness higher growth rate due to mission-critical nature of the domain during the forecast period.

The ATC console market is driven by rise in need of better airspace management systems, followed by increase in number of airports and rise in advancements in technologies used in ATC systems. However, extreme high cost of these ATC systems and potential risk of cyber-threat may impact the market. Moreover, development of remote and digital towers, growth in adoption of satellite-based air traffic control systems and introduction of unmanned traffic management framework to manage the unmanned aircraft vehicles are key opportunities for market.

By geography, the global ATC console market is segment into North-America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world. The Europe and North-America regions hold major share in global market owing to increase in government efforts pertaining to securing air traffic and aircraft across the regions. Additionally, the cutting edge technologies as well as innovations are the further most considerable qualities of the North America region. The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to witness considerable growth rate due to increase in initiatives for efficient infrastructure over the forecast period. It is expected that future of the global ATC console market will be bright because of increase in number of passengers during the forecast period.

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