Suddenlink Communications is an US broadband provider based in the US. Suddenlink Internet customers can access to email for free as well as webmail. Residential customers can use @ email server settings addresses and those who are business customers can use addresses.

Go to the Suddenlink home page at
Select the Email icon just to right of the navigation menu on the top.
You will now get an login page.
Enter your user name. It is the username you have chosen when you registered as well as a second username, if you’ve made one.
Enter your username and password.
Enter your login information..
Check in the remember Me box in case you wish your login information to be automatically remembered the every time you log in. Don’t choose this option if you’re using computers in a public area such as in an Internet cafe or located in an airport lobby.

If you’re unable to remember your username, click on the Forgot Username link and follow the steps on the next page. You’ll need you Suddenlink Account Number and Access PIN available. If you’ve created one when you registered, you can utilize your recovery email address to get your username information.

If you’ve lost your password, click on the Forgot Password link. Follow the directions on the next screen. You’ll be required to provide the answer to the security question you have set up at the time of registration.

Go to the Username Recovery page at
Click on the Utilize the Account Number choice.
Enter the Suddenlink Customer Number.
Type in your four Access PIN of 4 digits..
Click the link labeled “How do I find my account number and access code (PIN)?” If you’re not sure how to find the account’s number, or your PIN.
Click the “I’m not a Robot” box to show that you’re an actual person, not a script.
Click Next.
If the information you entered are correct Your username will appear at the top of the page.

To retrieve your username by using a different email address You can follow these steps:

Suddenlink Settings for IMAP

Suddenlink communications is a telecommunications company that offers a range of services like internet and cable as well as broadcasting, and is highly regarded and respected in the field of the products it provides. Through the use of a Suddenlink mail account users is able to access email accounts from many devices, and also have access to different services.

You can easily configure your bellsouth email not working and gain a number of advantages, among which include being able to send and receive email without issues and also be able to access all this by utilizing one platform.

However, the configuration of these email servers is accomplished by setting settings such as IMAP, SMTPand POP, and IMAP. It is also important to ensure that, regardless of the device the configuration of settings, such as those for the suddenlink IMAP settings must be performed with care and accuracy.

Guide for Email Settings:

Then there is the main issue which is how to manage the suddenlink IMAP configurations and how to manage its settings with regard to different platforms and devices.
We’ll go step-by-step through how to set these settings and functions so that the Suddenlink will function without any hassles or problems.
Here are the most effective methods for making Suddenlink IMAP configurations across various platforms and devices using meticulously curated steps.