How to Migrate Tumblr Blog to WordPress

If you face the need to relocate your blog, you will have to understand many basic steps. Overall, there is a high chance that after moving to a self-hosted help, such as WordPress, you will see many more options for your web page, such as elegant tumblr themes. The CMS over is among the most secure and most used ways to increase your site’s functionalities as far as likely.

Step 1: Get a Domain and Hosting

You will require a new name for your page. Thus, you will need to make these necessary moves, such as getting a new name and trading with the hosting supplier.

Step 2. Install WordPress

Go to and obey the installation progress. This would not take you much time and energy.

Step 3. Use Importer Plugin

You will require a special plugin directed at making the relocation of your site. View Tumblr Importer, among others that give an automated transfer. With its guidance, you will be able to move the data from your earlier blog to WordPress. It will keep your posts and their formatting, which is very helpful. To download and begin the tool, you should go to your new WP dashboard. Follow the shipping menu on the left side of the panel, select the Plugin menu and search for the required one.

Step 4. Transfer Your Data

Now with the assistance of the tool, you will be able to relocate the content. See Tools in the WP menu and Import choices. Choose an elegant Tumblr theme there, and you will get redirected to the plugin menu. It will provide you additional guidelines to obey, such as Register an application. You will require to go to the Register your application screen, where you have to choose the wanted data.

After this, you will get reconnected to the application dashboard, where you require to copy the customer key. Now, turn to the start of Step 4 and send the keys in the expected form. After this, pick Connect to Tumblr and Authorize the application.

Then, Let and Import this blog. Follow the steps recommended by the tool and convey your posts. Now visit your new site and check whether everything was developed subsequently. Also, you may need some great themes to increase the effectiveness of your blog. Come and visit our necessary premium and free WP themes for all kinds of services and projects. You will see various commerce, portfolio, lifestyle, and other types of website templates for enhanced attractiveness and functionalities of your site. If you need to control how they work, you can download our free website templates and work them out.

Intro to Tumblr and Tumblr themes

Tumblr is a microblogging service that has freshly become one of the most famous social networks on the Internet. American Internet monster Yahoo! got the Tumblr microblogging program for $ 1.1 billion. This social network is viral among modern people all over the globe. The tumbler was established in 2007 by a young American, David Karp. He was only 21 years old but built a very effective and regular social network, where bloggers write dozens of posts every day. Many people are almost continually checking the latest news in the provisions of posts and articles.

How to create a Tumblr blog?

Surely, most people understand how to build a blog, but not everyone can define the steps in certain words. To build an elegant Tumblr theme blog, you will require to:

  • register on the central page
  • enter your email and password;
  • arrive with the name of the blog and fill out the relevant form 
  • Upload a profile photo.

This is all you require, and then you can dig more profoundly and get notified of the areas on the main panel. Though, to work with Tumblr, you need at least a minimum of experience in English. The blog author will be required to set up several areas, add pages, help, connect your profile accounts with (Services), fix the Community, and set up language choices, photo or video resolution.

How to set your Tumblr blog?

First of all, you are required to pick a theme for a blog. Tumblr themes are available both free and paid, but you can modify the design and customize the blog in your way to meet your fashion and choice in both cases. Tumblr theme with sections, header, audio player, etc., you can pick any. If you know CSS tables and know what web form is, you can build your blog interface piece by piece. To do this, read about making a custom HTML theme and give a little time. Tumblr gives a ton of free and premium themes for your account. Let us drill more difficulty into them. Get Tumblr themes you are most engaged in.


Nowadays, blogs are simple to build – you require to register an account. There are many personal page templates of an elegant tumblr themes on the web to customize your blog. Tumblr is amongst the free services that let you share your content instantly and efficiently, whether by text, photos, URLs, music, or videos.