Currently, in Pakistan, winters are quite intense, so it is worth putting your money in good quality and energy-efficient room heater for the sake of everyone’s comfort. You must start checking out a good heater price in Pakistan. Having a heater in your home or office will prevent you from getting cold and allow you to move around freely and conveniently in this cold weather.

A space heater is a must for those who suffer from the cold in the winter to help them remain warm and relaxed in the cool weather. It is still safer to invest strategically in high-quality, cost-effective and energy-efficient heaters since it is not practical to install an electrical heating system in a house with large electricity bills. 

A variety of room heaters are available on the market which differs in form, design, cost and many other features.

What Should Be the Size of The Heater?

Efficient heaters for rooms

The energy usage of a room heater depends on the requirement of its wattage. Wattage, in basic words, is the amount of fuel the space heater absorbs. Infrared heaters absorb between 800 and 1200 watts. Typically, the fan heater absorbs 2000 watts. Few high models of fan heaters use 1500 watts. Oil-filled room heaters are better suited to energy use, as oil-filled room heaters use a maximum of 1000 watts. Besides, the oil-filled room heaters operate based on oil heating. Owing to the oil quality after it has been melted, it stays hot for a long time and consumes hardly any energy to heat it once again.

Efficient heaters for large rooms

Undoubtedly infrared heaters are not ideal for large rooms. They’re meant for a small room and one person. Fan-based rooms are a decent alternative, and oil-filled room heaters are the better one. Fan heaters are designed for medium rooms, and oil-filled space heaters are designed for large rooms. As the oil-filled room heaters are more expensive and the price starts from Rs. 10,000 you may try changing for the fan heaters as well.

Heaters are available in varying size and when picking them, you can pick the required capacity to heat up the whole room effectively. Many aspects decide the capability of the radiator, such as the atmosphere in the room in which you reside, the ceiling height of the building, the size of the room, the amount of sunshine the living space gets, the number of floors on which the room is situated and, of course, all other forms of insulation. If you want an easy way to estimate it, follow the points listed below.

  • Evaluate the space’s size (in square feet) by multiplying the length by height or width. E.g., a space of 11 ft by 10 ft measures 110 square feet. To obtain the heater’s power, multiply the room size by ten which demonstrates that 1,100 Watt of the heater is needed to heat the area. Quantify the BTU (British Thermal Unit) by multiplying the number of watts by 3.41. A heater of 1,100 watts produces 3,751 (1100 times 3,41) BTU per hour.

  • As a general guideline, an excellently heated room of 20 square metres would need an electrical heater of 2000 watts, while if the same space is badly insulated, a higher heater of at least 2400 watts would be required. You should purchase heaters with more heating capacity in the cooler regions.

Save electricity with heaters

There are a variety of options available to check out for in a heater that can help you save up to 60 per cent of your energy bills as follows:

  • Variable Thermostat: Thermostat senses the ambient temperature and automatically turns the heater on or off to make the temperature cool. Normally, all the heating systems have built-in thermostats for the conservation of energy.

  • Adjustable clocks: The alarms are used to move the heater to the desired period. You can set the timer to warm when you are in the kitchen and the automated timer will still switch off the heater before providing you with the right degree of warmth.

  • Auto-shutoff: This functionality is included in all new heater models to ensure protection. It immediately shuts off the heater, as it detects low levels of oxygen in the air or carbon monoxide concentration to avoid overheating and malfunctioning.

Start your search for a good quality heater price in Pakistan and make yourself warm and comfy now!