When buying jewellery, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, there are always so many options and choices available for you and it can be difficult knowing where you should spend your money. Of course, you always want something that’s worth its price tag, and that makes you feel special.

Yellow diamonds and specifically yellow diamond earrings are precious jewellery pieces for anyone, which is why they also make wonderful gifts. Yellow diamonds represent love, happiness, and optimism, making them a special addition to everyone’s jewellery box, especially when it’s a pair of Astteria yellow diamond earrings.

If you don’t already own a pair then we can assure you, you’re missing out.

Why Yellow Diamonds?

You may be wondering why you should choose yellow diamonds over a traditional colourless diamond for your earrings. Well, yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly more popular in the jewellery world as people are taking more bold choices and expressing themselves more through jewellery pieces such as earrings.

It’s also worth knowing that diamonds found at the very bottom of the colourless colour grading scale contain traces of yellow, and are the “bottom” diamonds in the yellow diamond category due to their faint colour, as opposed to the more desirable intense yellow stones. So it is possible that you have already owned a piece of yellow diamond jewellery before.

Let’s Talk Price

Fancy Yellow Diamonds are relatively common in comparison to some other fancy coloured diamonds and due to their commonality yellow diamonds can be fairly affordable. However, this is always dependent on a number of factors including:

  • Yellow colour grade: “Faint” or “Very Light” yellow diamonds are much cheaper, while Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid diamonds are much more expensive.
  • Supporting colours: the highest priced yellow diamonds are those with a pure yellow colour (like Canary Diamonds) or diamonds with an orange or green overtone. On the other end, brownish-yellow diamonds are often (though not always) cheaper.
  • Cut & Clarity: like colourless diamonds, the 4 C’s heavily impact the price of yellow diamonds.
  • Carat: yellow diamonds at high carat weights are far less common than smaller diamonds, and thus command a higher relative price.

Why Choose Astteria’s Yellow Diamond Earrings?

The reason we favour Astteria’s yellow diamond jewellery, especially their earrings is because of the quality and price. You are always guaranteed the best quality pieces for the best price, and their range of styles and shades mean there is always something for someone. And everything comes GIA certified, so you know your earrings are authentic.

So that person who complains about every gift they ever get? Astteria have you covered.

But to show you we’re not just all talk, we’ve selected a few of our favourite pairs of their yellow diamond earrings to show you!

Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Look elegant in these gorgeous earrings featuring 3 mix cut fancy vivid orange-yellow diamonds with a total of .50 carats. There are 57 mixed cut green yellow diamonds that total 12.77 carats and additional side stones for a total weight of 17.98 carats.

These will have you feeling like a million dollars!

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Earrings

This beautiful pair of yellow diamond studs are the perfect purchase for someone who sticks towards more traditional pieces as the design is a bit more minimalistic. However, the intense yellow diamond and radiant shape give it something a little extra special, which is sure to make you feel extra special too!

Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Earrings

These beautiful stud earrings are one of a kind. Totalling 4.02 carats and featuring natural yellow diamonds with a split between each earring so you can wear this beautiful pair with or without it hanging down. A unique pair to make anyone fall in love with yellow diamonds.

To understand the value of a pair of yellow diamond earrings you must take the opportunity to visit Astteria and shop all of their different shades and cuts and to experience the true beauty that comes with the fancy coloured diamond!

You will not find anything as beautiful, or authentic, as Astteria’s range of yellow diamond earrings, we promise.

So go ahead, treat yourself, or a loved one. You won’t regret it!

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