Recruiting has become a lot more different in the past few months since after the pandemic of coronavirus. There has been a radical difference in the recruitment process and the hiring managers are using new techniques to hire best of the candidates for the success of company.

COVID-19 accelerated the movement of recruiters and there was a drastic change in the methods that were traditionally used to hire the candidates.

Obviously, hiring top talent for the organization takes a lot of great combination of creativity and diligence and the recruiters have to take a deep dive into the strategies that could work well in recruiting the best and talented employees for the firm.

The advancements and continuous updates that are being made in the ground of technology has also fueled the sector of recruitment. As now great and broad social platforms are available to connect with a huge audience out there, the hiring managers are utilizing smart strategies to come in contact with the qualified candidate who can match their requirements like a pro!


We are almost mid-way through 2020 and in the past six months, we all have witnessed the dramatic changes that have occurred in major industries. The major surge in the unemployment ratio and massive job loss alongside the implementation of lockdown and remote working, we have witnessed drastic changes in the workplace environment.

The recruiters and their recruitment techniques have also gone a lot smarter than before and now they are looking for experience in the candidate. Apart from the quality and years of education, what matters the most to the employers is the experience of the candidate.

This is necessary in order to maintain the worth and growth of the organization. Obviously, teaching a proper skill set to the new candidate is definitely difficult however, the candidate with a proper balance of skills and experience along with the education could bring more valuable contribution to the company.

And this is what the recruiters want from the candidates!

The hiring manager and the department of human resource is completely responsible to bring the new talent on the board and to teach him with amazing skillset. From providing the workplace flexibility to the career growth opportunities, the recruiters and hiring managers have to look after the candidate right from the scratch.

Students and fresh graduates who are searching for the job roles and want to land their dream job, they must understand the importance of experience and practical learning first and then should apply for the job opening.


One thing is understood and that is the long stay of virtual hiring and recruitment. The recruiters now plan their hiring strategies in a smarter way and make sure that the candidate is skilled enough with his commands.

In this way, they make a nicer agreement with the candidates who perform their best to contribute valuable efforts in organization’s growth.

There are some essential skills about which every candidate and fresh graduate must be knowing before applying to their favorite and open job position. These skills or say necessary factors can help the job-seekers to land their dream job.

In this article, we have broken down 10 essential top factors that recruiters are considering for the fresh graduate and potential job-seekers in 2021. These skills are going to help you go a long way down the road and you would be able to clear your interview successfully. Have a look at these 10 factors.

Teamwork skills:

The candidate must be skilled with the passion of working in a team of people. The person must not be narcissist and should never be the one who are lazy in every meeting whether it is in the office or zoom meeting. Your teamwork skills would inspire the recruiter the most!

Ability to work in critical situations:

Recruiters nowadays are looking for the type of the employees who have the ability to work in the critical situations. The individuals who can work independently under minor supervision are always the best.

Excellent written and oral communication skills:

Those who have great communication and writing skills like many students are working with agencies and providing essay writing service uk, they are going to win the game for you. Ensure to learn the ethics and oral communication skills before leaving for the interview as this will impact your hiring!

Proficiency in technical skills:

Not only the soft skills, but also the hard skills and the technical commands are also in demand by the recruiters. Your proficiency in your field and your experience would be count before the hiring.

Empathetic and confident:

The candidate must be confident enough with his attitude and speaking during the interview. Also, soft skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, politeness, and being hard working would also make the hiring process easier.

Leadership skills:

Recruiters always want their employees to be skilled enough in their leadership skills. One should be competitive enough in the challenging situations and must have independent leadership skills to sail the boat.

Problem-solving skills:

Being problem-solving in the complex situations and coming up with great solutions in the critical conditions, this is how a dedicated employee should be!

Decision-making and time management skills:

Your dream job is asking you to be highly keen with the time management skills. Also, the recruiters would love to have the type of employee in their organization who is great with decision-making skills.

Innovative and creative:

Be innovative and stay creative with whatever the task you are assigned with. Make sure to demonstrate all your skills via your resume to get the job. Your skillset is everything that the organization needs!

Quick learning power:

The candidates who are quick with their learning always become valuable contributor of the organization. Do not forget to add your expertise in your resume and make sure to communicate them verbally in the interview.


The factors that we have shared above are those top factors for which every recruiter is looking! The candidates must learn these skills to get in the loop of conversation with the recruiters. Have a great good luck with the onboarding ahead!


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