Video is a hugely popular medium nowadays. As a businessman or lead marketer, you can also utilize the power and potential of a video in your business. It particularly stands true for promotional videos. Owing to the popularity of promotional videos, we are also observing a rampant rise in the number of companies that provide promotional video production services. We’ve compiled a list of top reasons your business needs to connect with a promotional video production right away:

  • Promotional Videos Are Great For Demos

As many as a staggering 74 percent of consumers state that they were convinced to buy software products after watching a video. A promo video is able to describe a product better than a detailed product description or even countless photos for that matter. It is because demo videos give the product more depth and show how it works in real life. promotional videos enable viewers to see the unique features of a product in a way that can never be portrait in the form of text and pictures.

  • They Are Easy To Watch A Video

Multi-sensory stimulation makes it easier for consumers to absorb information. According to several comprehensive studies, video connects customers because it covers both the visual learning style where people see the product or service and the auditory learning style where people listen to the audio.

  • Promotional Videos Improve Your Searchability

Marketing has advanced significantly since the days when it was done using traditional methods. Online presence is essential for any company to succeed in today’s digital world. And SEO is hands down one of the most reliable digital marketing platforms. Guess what? Your SEO can be improved by creating a promotional video and displaying it on your website.

Remember, the leading search engines are very particular about the quality of videos. So it is necessary to subscribe to the highest standards while making a video. If you lack the skills, time, or tools to do that, we recommend you get in touch with a promotional video production company.

Explainer videos allow you to demonstrate, not just tell potential customers, what you offer and how it solves a problem. This is our top recommendation for videos to create first. If you don’t already have one, make sure to get one!

  • Videos Increase Social Sharing

To see how many people share videos, you just need to look at your Facebook feed. They’re literally everywhere on social media. From professionally produced corporate videos to music videos right down to someone filming a local event on his/her smartphone, there is a scope for every video on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

With that being said, a large proportion of people use social media for fun and while away their free time. So your promotional video will have more possibility of going viral if you add an element of entertainment to it. Billions of people actively use social media. Therefore, a single viral video can reach millions of people and might generate leads for several months.

  • Get More Sales And Conversions With Promotional Video

Popular videos can generate decent income through monetization using ads, not to mention the conversions and sales your business can make by incorporating video in your content marketing mix. The act of infusing a promotional video on your landing page can boost conversions by as much as 80 percent.

  • Provide A Measurable ROI

You can track your video success using many metrics. To determine if it was worthwhile, you can utilize various tools that allow you to keep a constant eye on features including likes, shares, unique views, etc. Once you get an aerial view of what people are liking in your video and what does not resonate with them, you will be able to come up with more relevant promotional videos. As a result, you come to terms with deeper insights about your customer and create videos that hit the bullseye.

Wrapping Up

Although we all know that Google is the most popular search engine, many don’t realize that YouTube is actually the second-largest search engine in the world. You can count on this tool to share your promotional videos and make the most of them. As the trend of brand video production becoming more and more common, businesses are sanctioning a massive chunk of their budget to put together appealing promotional videos.